October 8th, 2001


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I have been in such a good mood this weekend.
Perhaps i'm still on that imaginary band crack*....
Or maybe it's this whole thing with Michael and Emily. It sounds so horrible to say, but I really think he's going to be a lot happier and just better off without her messing with his mind.
Or maybe it's getting to go out and hear those damned cool drums with Katy and Kelsey and Michael and just having fun with people I know. Haven't done that in a long time...

* there is a theory that, while on the buses in band, we go completely insane. It has been suggested that we are on crack. However, since there's no way for it to have entered our systems save through the drinks provided by the band parents, it has been theorized that perhaps we are on imaginary crack. And it only affects band members. Hence, imaginary band crack! :D Or it could be we're all just strange, strange children. @_@

Makenzie's Locker should update within an hour, folks. *wanders away*
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    Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover

Blue Moon...

Saw me standing alone.... without a dream in my heart... without a love of my own..

Blue Moon
Chris, in blue gel pen. I was practicing drawing with pen without sketching in pencil first. Not too shabby, methinks.