October 10th, 2001


Sweet holy fucking Jeebus on a stick...

249 visits for ML yesterday. @_@


I know much comes from Amphetamine's oh-so-lovely linkage (I love you, Ian! *fangirl squealies*) - at leat 106 of those hits...
Note to self... shower Ian with fanart/hugs/cheap sweaty sex... er, maybe not that last, but yeah, you get the point.

Note to self .... glomp Michael. (He WILL be my victim. Buahah. hah. hahaha. yesss..... *evil cackle*)
*snicker* his monster match was a vampire. ^_~ he can bite me anytime... wooot!

@_@ three to five hours of sleep a night for almost a week now... and damn, I'm in such a good mood.
DAMN, I'm gonna crash so bad in a few more days. Even I can only live like this for so long.

But, in the meantime... :D *does a little dance* I'm awake an' feelin goooood...


we talked in English about whether or not women want to dominate men in their relationships. *snicker*

Comments, anyone? *snork*

I told Michael he'd look cute with a collar (and he WOULD)... he just sorta went "uhhh..." he wouldn't wear it in public, but maybe if I were to convince him... I only need one blackmail photo -er, I mean.... uh.... 9_9;; And he'd better show up in the band hall today. He's due for a glomping. *plot* of course, I don't doubt it'd piss Emily off to no end to see me all over him (well, might not piss her off, but I'm pretty sure nothing will make her happy at this point)... so maybe it's not such a good idea.

I was so tired today during second period. I woke up at the end of third (interesting class discussion) and now I'm awake again. But I was sleepy during band. Couldn't even tongue the sixteenth notes. And that's sad, considering the speed we go at.

Adam's gonna make me these cool... er... hand-thingies. I dunno what to call them. BUT THEY'RE SO COOL! :D
mmm, chain mail.
*piddles around with Flash* *hurts computer* *backs away like nothing happened, quietly restarts, and feigns ignorance* ^_^;;


cramps... getting worse..

fuck. Usually by the time I feel bad enough to request medication, nothing will really help. @_@ dammit...

I really hope these go away or I will more than likely spend the remainder of the day curled up on my bed, whimpering. Band be damned; I hurt... x_X


feel a lot better now....
came home, passed out on bed. Woke up about two minutes ago. No more cramps! :D

My stomach muscles are sore from being tense for the past seven hours or so... (any other girls - you do that? stomach muscles clench when you have cramps? urk)

How random my sister is:
One of her friends has a birthday tomorrow that she just found out about. What she is giving him:
A jar of pickles (we've no clue if he likes pickes or not)
A tape dispenser with shiny, multi-colored tape
A can of Spam Lite that our mom gave her as a gag gift
A thing of Mike 'n Ikes
whatever else we can locate that just seems funny.

mmm, cold pizza. ^_^ heehee... *munch*