October 26th, 2001


halloweeeeeeeeeeen pep rally...

I love the Halloween pep rally. It's the only one I really truly like, just because I love the costumes. The people at my school may be snobby and spoiled and shallow, but damn they can come up with some cool costumes.
Nicole is dressed as (if you know her, I bet you figured this out reeeeally fast) your mom! She's just the generic June Cleaver-esque mom. Complete with oven mitts, one of our mother's dresses from the 70s, and an apron. It's frikkin' hilarious. :D
Theory is, I'm her rebellious teenage daughter. (I'm dressed somewhat normally for me... all black, fishnet, chains, etc. 'cept today I also have makeup. Whee!) I'm trying my damndest to convince Michael to be the boyfriend she disapproves of. ^_~ I may just have to sneak up behind him and leave a very dark lipstick-print on his cheek. Buahaha. Michael, I'll be looking for you.
*watches as he runs away screaming*
Oh yes, he will be mine. (yeah, Nicole has made me watch parts of Wayne's World.... hehe)

I got almost NO sleep last night. My sleeping patterns are just odd. I come home, shower, sleep for three or four hours, wake up, stay online or just hang about until about 3 or 4 in the morning, sleep for two more hours, and then go to school. It seems to be working so far. :D

*sigh* On the Michael/Emily front, it appears this will never go away. Their minds work so damned differently I'm starting to be surprised they were ever together at all. e_O
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heehee, and *sigh*, part II

Fun day.
- uniforms came back from being cleaned, so most of my day involved getting those sons-of-bitches organized. We actually got them done! yay! :D
- since I was doing uniforms, I got out of (a) Multimedia (we had a sub anyway, but oh well) and the pep rally. glee!
- for once, I thought I looked pretty decent. ^_^
- kissed Michael on the cheek (heee... ^_^; yeah), and while it probably annoyed/scared/confused the hell out of him... eh, was worth it. How many chances am I gonna get to leave a lipstick print on his face? yuh-huh. Yeah. Quite worth it. Unless he decides never to speak to me again. 9_9 and I have a feeling that he's smarter than that.

now, for *sigh*, part II:

Emily just about threw a fit over Michael today during the pep rally. (we - myself, Emily, and Liz - were in the uniform room) She was pacing back and forth, alternately ranting and acting like she was gonna cry.
She gets irrational when she's pissed. She began by shredding the paper parts of the hangers we had in there, tearing them up and depositing them on the floor. She kept saying "Why won't he talk to me? He wouldn't call me! I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything!". Then came the finger pointing. "He's fucked me over so many times! I didn't do anything!" "If you (pointing at me) hadn't been in the middle all the time... and if you (pointing at Liz) hadn't been there, always 'oh, let's talk this through'... " but I doubt she meant it.
Apparently she and Michael were extremely happy, then things just sort of went "blah". And now she's very happy with Dustin (her new boyfriend; she went so far as to mention marriage. I hope she meant someday in the future and not soon, because I worry about her taste in men...) but that she didn't feel the same with him as she did with Michael. Something about not ever getting over Michael. I can understand that. Damn him, he's impossible to get over. But I love him anyway. Or maybe because of that. I'm not going to think about that too, now, it will confuse me further...
From what I could discern the main problem in her mind is that she didn't do anything, he didn't do anything, I didn't do anything, Liz didn't do anything; he just stopped talking to her and he wouldn't call her. She somehow expected him to call her... Michael can be extremely passive, she said he'd only called her two or three times in three years; she always called him. For comparison, he's called me maybe once for school-related stuff, never to just chat. I still don't understand how she expected him to call her. e.O

But she claims to have nothing to say to him. She just wants to hear what he has to say.

Frankly, I'm afraid this could start another war.

*sigh* (again. I'm not very creative)

Nicole and I toyed with the idea of asking Michael to go see "From Hell" with us. But in the end I just sort of lay on my bed and she wandered around and talked on the phone.
Note to self - see if it's possible to go check out "Blood: the Last Vampire" thing with Kelsey. Mmm, anime .

*sigh* I thought a lot as I lay there on my bed, not really asleep, not really awake. I kept thinking of Emily's face when she was yelling, and Michael's words when he was upset. I remembered when Emily pointed her finger at me and accused this whole mess of being my fault. Some part of my mind figured that she didn't mean it, because she, like most people, can be extremely irrational when pissed off. But a part of me almost hoped she'd stay with that idea. I half-wished she and Michael would decide this whole mess is somehow my fault, and just hate me forever and stop fighting and being upset. I really hate it when the people around me are upset. Maybe that's why I always manage to make them laugh. It's one of the few things I'm good for - I can almost always make someone who is upset chuckle. But I can't really do that anymore. Maybe I'd make a better scapegoat.
This is really getting to me. It's confusing as hell - hearing their different sides of the story is like hearing two different stories; as if they're talking about different people in a different world - and I want to help them but the more I hear, the more it seems like there's absolutely no way to make things all right; because no one knows what the hell "all right" would be. *sigh*

I just realized something... i just took somewhere around the neighborhood of six or so painkillers with some coffee. Hmm. eh. 's just advil. that stuff never does anything anyway...
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A brilliant bolt of lightning descends! SHAZAAM! The oracle has spoken!

The smoke clears to reveal that inside you is a divine being,

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What I'm looking for in a man, according to emode.com

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My goodness, I'm posting a lot tonight.

mmm, caffeine and painkillers. Always a fun mix. At this rate, I can survive without sleep or headaches indefinitely...

LJ won't let me log in on the site so I can upload a new icon. Hmm. this is it, for anyone who cares:

drew it with the mouse in Photoshop. wheee. It's me. yeah.

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LJ finally let me log in. Whee. Now my other icons are all messed up. I'll fix 'em tomorrow, I guess.

Damn, I wish Michael would get online so at the very least, I could find out whether or not he did call Emily and if so, if there's any change in the situation.
I've gotten so spoiled. I've become used to talking to him... used to him being online for me to talk to.
What the hell am I gonna do when we go away to college and quite possibly never see each other anymore... yeesh. I'm so pathetic.
would help if my social circle was bigger, so I had other people to talk to, but y'know what, I don't fucking like most people I know. Not enough to want to talk to them, anyway. And almost none enough to want to hang out with them. (tis a short list. Kelsey, Michael... yeah, that about covers it. Whoop-dee-doo.) Anyone who reads this thing may notice that my references to people are limited to a scant few - that's why. They are my social circle.

gah. I disgust myself.
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