November 2nd, 2001


dumm dee dummm...

ooogh. Head hurts. x_X I hate my sinuses and they hate me.
'Worked' in the uniform room getting Jazz band members fitted for tuxes. Emily was in there with us, having been banished to the uniform room for refusing to play after she threw up (not sure if she's back to that bulemia idiocy or if she's just sick. Appeared to be mere illness, which is good. Or better, at any rate.). She was pissy and whiny. @_@ actually had the nerve to whine: "I miss Michael", which was annoying as hell even when they were getting along and is really starting to get on my nerves. I suppose it's not so much that she had the nerve to say it... It just annoyed me. I don't know why. She's allowed to miss him if she wants. Hell, I've not really spoken to him for a few days and I miss him. -_- sad, I know. But I believe we've already gone over the "Jenni is so pathetic" bit... so I shall skip it.

Homecoming... *sigh* Hirsch and Ziggy are both in town, so apparently they and their girlfriends are all going out to dinner at some point. this is awkward for reasons that would take too long to explain. It just is. Ziggy asked me to come in case it got too weird, but I didn't want to be the only dateless one, and given how my head has been feeling lately, I'll prolly just wanna go home and be a lump. Yes, a lump... a nice, unconscious lump. ~_~

Dammit, I've GOT to work on ML. I need to draw the update and I really, really need to work on the site format. I have a few ideas, but I just want some time to sit, ALONE, in PEACE, and work on it... Unfortunately, I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. x_X darnit.
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took Robert to the Career Center (where I am now) after the pep rally. We're always late since the pep rally takes so long.
Robert is starting to irritate me. He wouldn't be so annoying if all his morbid death comments didn't seem as though they were carefully calculated to be as shocking as possible, like he's trying to scare me. Good luck, Robert.
Though I did promise that if I ever feel like I want to die, I'd let him kill me. It made him very happy.

Some snippets from our conversation(somewhat paraphrased):

Robert: You, you're one of the people who I'd like to see suffer the misery of death.
Jenni: Why's that?
Robert: I dunno, there's just something about you...
Robert: I've been thinking of how I'd like to kill Emily. I think on that a lot, how I'd slowly kill individual people. Not that I'd ever do it, not unless something happened to make me really fed up. But I'd slowly starve her-
Jenni: She does that on her own already.
Robert: No, I mean, I'd starve her to the utmost limits of human tolerance... and torture her, reduce her to an animal-like state... then, when her mind is like that, I'll offer her food - and she'll eat to the point where her body can't take it and she dies. Fitting, eh?
Jenni: You might want to cut out her tongue or something. She whines a lot.
Robert: No, no, I think I'd like to hear her screams.
Robert: And you. I think I'd enjoy killing you. I'll slowly skin you alive and use your skin as a canvas. I'll paint it with your blood.
Jenni: Don't count on screams. I have a high pain threshold and when I'm in pain I don't vocalize.
Robert: Hmmm. I'd like to test this pain threshold of yours. Remember that pact we've got. All I've got to do is make you even more suicidal
Jenni: Good luck.
Robert: And how would I go about killing Michael...
Jenni: You'd have to kill me first. And what makes you think you could get Michael or I into a position where you could kill us? We're both stronger than you.
Robert: Maybe I'd keep you alive while I killed him. So you'd have to watch.
Jenni: I'd bite off my tongue and bleed to death.
Robert: Ahh. Hmm. yes, I'll have to be careful with you.

The longer I know him, the more annoying he becomes.

Pep rally theme was "Superstar". No one was sure what the hell that was, so few dressed up. Some guys did what I assume was a "the Full Monty" scene, stripping... it was funny. And they were cute. heh. And it was all almost worth it to see/hear Mr. Warren sing: "Come on Over".
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I think I shall make a tour of all the Keenspace artists on Elfwood that I can find. 'twill be a fun thing. so far, myself included, there's 9 or 10... that's enough for a tour. Hopefully I'll find some more.
I also updated my "gel pen art on Elfwood" tour. Check out Elfwood, click on the "take a guided tour", and look for it. It's number... I dunno. But it's there somewhere. The Elfwood tours are such a nifty feature.

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Grrr. I wake up in the band hall (was actually tired enough to sleep on that floor. If you can call it a 'floor'... I'm pretty certain it has its own ecosystem by now.) to see Emily sitting on Michael's knee, talking about her boyfriend to Liz and Elizabeth. *cough*WHORE*cough*

Okay, that was pretty much unwarranted. It just disturbs me that she treats Michael - and a lot of other guys - like her boyfriend. Grrr. And I don't think it would annoy me quite so much if it didn't look like Michael enjoyed it. Lots of people still think they're a not-quite-couple-but-whatever-the-hell-they-were. And watching them sometimes, I can't help but let my overactive little mind wonder...

Yes, I am a possessive, jealous bitch. Worst part is, I have no right to be. None. *sigh* It'd be so much better if I could just... not love Michael. Life would get easier for everyone involved. As it is, I'm just a complication for everyone, an annoyance to him, and for me, it's painful. I really should give up. I wish I knew how. Because I know that he's never going to wake up one day and think "You know what, I love Jenni". Nuh-uh. Ain't gonna happen.
At the pep rally today (these things just get worse and worse) I believe I mentioned the Full Monty skit...
afterwards Liz and I were talking about it as we prepared to leave for our next class.
Liz: Yeah, they were cute.
Me: Could've been a lot worse. *shrug* I'll look, but not touch, y'know? pfft. as if they'd want me. *laugh*
Liz: I think I'll stick with the one I have. *grin*
Me: Yeah, and I'll stick with... uh... the one I don't.
Liz: aww...

9_9 this is getting to be beyond pathetic. Sometimes I really hate myself for this whole mess. Hell, most of the time I really hate myself for this.

Homecoming game. Blargh. KK was there. And Alan is such a sweetheart (the mum he made for Callian was HUGE! it covered most of her chest! heehee...), he kept trying to cheer me up throughout the game. He is my school buddy. *purr*
Liz was all upset because she doesn't like Homecoming, and she was upset that Hirsch wasn't coming to the game (he's here this weekend). Then he showed up, and she still wasn't happy.
Emily was upset because her boyfriend didn't get her a mum. Now, she didn't tell him or hint that she wanted one, and they aren't going to the dance. Someone explain this logic to me.
Do all girls completely lose their logical reasoning abilities when they get boyfriends, or is it only the ones I see on a daily basis? Emily's relationships especially seem to require ESP on the part of the male to keep her somewhat happy. e_e Y'know, she has a brother, and Liz grew up surrounded by guys... you think they'd have learned by now that if you want a guy to do something, you ask them, making sure to include explicit directions. geez. Is it so hard to figure out?
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