November 14th, 2001


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This is nice.
From now through February, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we'll have homeroom. *purr*
this means time to draw and time to do homework if I forgot the night before! :D huzZAH!
Homeroom is always good. Would be nicer if the teachers were a little more lenient and let us talk or occasionally go to the restroom, but it's better than nothing.

In Other News, my Multi-media teacher isn't being quite so annoying lately. Always a good thing.

Odd. I never used to sleep this much. At least not in the past year or so. e.0 all of a suddenly, I'll come home, sleep, wake up and check email, go back to sleep, wake up, check ML's stats, and go back to sleep until school. I've even been falling asleep in my car during lunch (not while driving - I go to Burger King and get a Dr. Pepper and I sit in my car and draw for about 40 minutes before class starts).
Very odd.

I want to color something with colored pencils. Or markers. Just by HAND. I haven't colored anything by hand in ages and ages (I don't think my pen stuff counts). I miss it. ;_;

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Drew isn't making any sense.
I know where you live....
hehe. that worked. :D

My head hurts. @_@ and someone during my last class ate something that smelled icky. Blech. Oh well. I'm making myself eat to please my mother. 9_9 blah.

Dammit, I gotta redo my background for my lesson plan project in Multi-media. >_< poo. Oh well... could be worse. Now it's all dark and cool. VINES OF DEATH! buahaa. yeesss..

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Sketched out thumbnails up to page 6 of cg3. W00t w00t!
Those thumbnails are trickier than you'd think. I have to decide on page layout. >_<

Hearing Brittany read ML out loud is one of the funniest things I've heard in a while. *snicker*

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Went to Starbucks (mmmmm, frappuccino... my weakness. I'm so ashamed) and drew. I need to get the ML update done early because I'm going to renfair with Kelsey on Sunday and shall not have time to do it in my usual "Oh, it's 10 pm on Sunday, time to do the update" fashion. Actually, I usually do it more around 3 am, but that is another point entirely. ^_^;

I finished sketches of most of the update. It includes two pictures of a younger Makenzie (they'll be in the background, but I'll put 'em in the art section) and it was SO WEIRD drawing her... she was a tomboy. And through junior high, she dressed like me - sweatshirt and jeans with glasses. :D hehe. I have no fashion sense. ^_^

You know, that'd be really cute. Pictures of the cast when they were younger. *ponders*
Mak was a tomboy... Matt was much the same but before his hair was dyed, and his hair was shorter... Jared was EXACTLY the same, just smaller (hee!) and Karen was much the same. Makenzie's the only one who changed in any noticeable way... hmmm...

I also need to reformat the art pages. I dont want 'em on blogger. It's just not good. I don't like how it works. I want to do thumbnails... And so I shall...
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Physics triumphs!

Morisato Keichii: AAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Jenni the Odd: o.0
Morisato Keichii: coeficient of friction, distances, gross vehicle wheight
Morisato Keichii: and the time it takes between the light to turn red and green
Morisato Keichii: yay, go physics!!!
Morisato Keichii: i just proved that Taylor Minor was in the wrong
Morisato Keichii: and that bastard is gonna pay throught the FREAKING ASS for counter claiming on my insurance....
Morisato Keichii: he could not have been in the intersection when it turned red
Jenni the Odd: hhehehe
Morisato Keichii: i'M, soooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY
Jenni the Odd: go physics indeed! :D
Morisato Keichii: just ask Arora ^_^
Jenni the Odd: Saathoff always said that stuff would come in handy if we were in an accident..
Morisato Keichii: i'm gonna get the whole ohysics department to back me
Morisato Keichii: AND frausto
Jenni the Odd: hehehe
Jenni the Odd: yeah! cooool..
Morisato Keichii: freaking hell yeah!

Ziggy there was in an accident a while back, some ass ran a red light and totaled the car he'd worked SO hard on....
Now the sonuvabitch gets to pay. :D Yay for physics!

Things I Will Do When/If Makenzie's Locker Gets More Than 500 Visits A Day (On Average)

Right now we're at around an average of 225 visits per day. Not too shabby for a weekly, ne?
But should we ever double that... I will:

- Get a frikkin' Paypal account (hell, I may do that now anyway.)
- Pay to get rid of those annoying popups on EZboard. *twitchity* I HATE POPUPS!
- get a domain name (
- get a cafepress store. Or, if there's something with higher quality stuff by then, I'll use them. Either way we get a store.
- see about making some sort of Flash movie involving the chars (I may do this sooner. Whee! animation! :D I love it)
- make some sort of attempt to get it published

and I can promise all this because odds are it ain't gonna happen. :D glee! (and if it does, I shall stand by my word)
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My littlest sister, Emma, lost a front tooth.
She is now REALLY the cutest child alive. :D hee.

Talked to Mike (orochimike) for the first time in quite a while. He's trying to convince me to go to the LAN party on Friday (computer networking attracts geeks. buahahah). I might go. *shuffles feet* I dunno. Maybe.

Heh. Just had a loooong talk with my mom. One of the things I am most grateful for is that she raised me to speak my mind - and from the start she treated me like an adult. So we never really had too much of a mother-daughter rappor, which is okay by me. She comes to me to discuss raising kids, for crying out loud. *L* She doesn't get a chance to talk to many of her friends about raising children, so I suppose talking to me is the best she can get. And I rather enjoy talking to her (as long as I can steer the conversation away from religion).
Then Nicole came in an joined us in the kitchen, and we all laughed a lot. We are funny, funny people sometimes. Everyone in my family has the brains and timing to potentially make a great actor/comedian and we're an interesting group when we're all in a good mood.

hee. Funny family. :D
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