November 16th, 2001


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I told everyone I was going to bed, turned off my chat programs, and stayed online. That was two hours ago...lovely. Looks like I'll have to wake Nicole early so I can go get coffee before school. I'll probably need it to stay awake.
For use in the future of the comic, Makenzie and Matt now have their own AIM screennames.

When Comic Artists Go Too Far... 9_9 Maybe we'll do a chat later on... oh, THAT would be funny. A live chat with the characters.... *snicker* I'll give Jared a screenname later, AOL only lets you register so many at once.

Makenzie: Wrinkle In Thought
Jared: l337illiterate
Matt: KagePuppet

Quick explainations of their names:
Mak: taken from "A Wrinkle in Time". Makenzie has the same tendancy towards logic jumps that I do. ^_^;
Jared: he shares his inspiration's dislike for l337speak. (hehe... never speak to Michael in l337)
Matt: "kage" means shadow in Japanese, I believe.

mmmm, there's thunder outside. *purr*
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we had such a terrific thunderstorm last night. My sister says she woke up thinking we were either being bombed or that Armageddon had come. Then she realized it was just thunder and went "awwww." and went back to sleep. She's weird. :D

Seriously though, this was not your measly little hissy-fit of a storm. This was a montrous beast that literally blinded me with flashes of lightning (those of you who have been to my house know why - my room is full of windows, and it IS the top floor. I was right up there with the lightning. ohhh, yeeeah.) and rattled our windows with thunder.

I loved it.


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hee. I named one of my hosts in the router sim "NNY". *chuckles in a twitchy manner*

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Well, this is slightly disturbing.

Was wandering around in pro_anorexia, following a link from someone else's LJ...

Damn. There are times when I eat less in a week than some of those girls do in a day. e_O that's a bit unnerving.
I wish people (my mom, the girls in my Networking class...) would stop giving me a hard time about what and how much I eat. >_< When I get hungry, I eat until I am not hungry any longer. I would hate to intentionally starve myself. Ugh. >_< I'm weak; I wouldn't be able to go through with it if I wanted to.
*grumble* for the last friggin time, people.. I am not anorexic! I do NOT want to look like that! ugh! Ick! eewww...
I've seen girls look at pictures in magazines of women who have practically no mass whatsoever; they're skin and bone. No curves. Just skeletal-ness. And they say they want to look like that.
I would NEVER want to look like that. When did the "Holocaust" look become "in"? Because I find it sickening. Personally I think curvy women are much more beautiful...
lemme see if I can think of an example.
Anyone read Strangers in Paradise, by Terry More?
Francine. The one who is always obsessed about her weight - I'm with Katchoo on this, she's gorgeous. And I'd love to look like that.
My 'target weight' and 'ideal size' aren't absolutely ridiculous. I have broad shoulders, wide hips, and I am big-boned. No matter how much weight I lose, that's not gonna change. And so there's not even the faintest possibility I could ever look like those models - ever. I'm fine with that. I don't want to be 80 pounds and wear a size 1. With my height and bone structure, under 150-160 would be technically underweight.
I'd settle for a size 10 or 12. (with my height, that's actually as small as I'd fit into without having to go to great lengths to find extra-tall stuff)
Hell, a 14 would be nice.
Emily was always griping about her looks, how she was 'so fat'. Granted, she's gained weight since last year (no more eating disorders, I think), but yeesh. She's gorgeous. I would love to look like her. She's got a great figure - well-proportioned, with broad hips and a fairly small waist, though she's a bit thicker now. But very, very pretty.

And I just had to go make dinner (well, supervise my father so he doesn't burn down the house as he attempts to fry an egg), so I completely lost my train of thought.
But I just at some M&Ms. TAKE THAT! BUAH!
I don't know how much is in them, but I'm sure they're full of all sorts of bad things. So there. HAH.
Now where'd my water bottle go? Nicole always drinks it. >_< No wonder I always get sick when she does...
I did break down and get an account at . Now I can have proof that I am not starving myself! HAH!
... note to self: stop consuming under 400 calories a day.. *wanders off to find something to eat* :D
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Jenni the Odd: I just can't win, can I? e_O
lo5that3sa07: nope sorry
Jenni the Odd: :p
lo5that3sa07: i'd help you out with getting a guy but i dont know anyone from there
lo5that3sa07: and if the guy was cute.. i might take him for myself... so that wouldnt work anyway
Jenni the Odd: :p damn you! ruining my plans..
lo5that3sa07: i will take over the world and make all the goth guys and anime guys be with me only.. BAHAHAHAH

Auto response from Jenni the Odd: making sure my father doesn't destroy us all by cooking. O.O
be back soon...

Jenni the Odd: *sniffle*
lo5that3sa07: ?
Jenni the Odd: you won't even let me have ONE geeky goth/anime guy?
lo5that3sa07: nope
Jenni the Odd: *sniffle*
lo5that3sa07: all mine
lo5that3sa07: ehehhe
Jenni the Odd: *cries*

More disturbing news.

According to, I am ready to be a mom. e.O think I should tell them I'm 17?

"Start clearing out that extra room - sounds like you're going to need a nursery before too much longer. Because, despite a few lingering hesitations, it looks like you're almost ready to change your name to "Mommy." It's great that you recognize your concerns, though, whether you're worried about not knowing how to be a mom or just that you might not be quite ready to turn your life upside-down. If it's the latter - if you're afraid that you're not emotionally ready or aren't too keen on restructuring your lifestyle - then maybe it's a good idea to hold off for a bit. But try not to worry too much about the "not knowing what to do" part. As long as you've got maternal instincts - and a great support network - the rest will come naturally. No one knows exactly what to do until they've actually got the baby in their arms. To put it another way, try this quick "test": Does the thought of knowing all the words to the latest children's songs make you giddy? Do you browse through Baby Gap just to see how precious tiny jeans and sweaters can be? Does watching a toddler dance erase your stress and make you grin? If you answered "yes," you just might be ready to decorate a nursery and get busy in the bedroom!"

.... I worry about these online tests. e.O;; they also said I should be an Astronaut...