November 19th, 2001



update done. ^_^
I took a nice long nap, then finished coding the fan art pages. And the page with the LJ icons. huzZAH!
So yeah, there's that. And page 21. Next week's update will hopefully have the original art gallery and all the rest of the character info up. Lalalaaaa...

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I am pretty addicted, but there is hope. I think I'm just well connected to the internet and technology, but it's really a start of a drug-like addiction. I must act now! Unplug this computer!

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!

Well yeesh, I coulda told you that. e_O

I love my clothes. (I'm wearing them to school at the request of Cameron). Pretty pretty. I'll get Nicole to take a picture of me and scan it in for all you lucky people to scream and run away from. ^_^

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Somehow or other, the new page 20 and page 21 didn't get uploaded.
I am SO PISSED. >_<

I'll fix it when I get home. Hell, I'll go home at lunch and fix it. That BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME.

I hate it when my own stupidity prevents proper updatage. I even finished the page a day in advance. >_< poo.
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So bored.
We're making lesson plans for our favorite teachers in Mutli-media. And while I love my Webmastering teacher to death (She's so much fun. ^_^), my English teacher will more than likely have more stuff to put on a lesson plan. And she's just so sweet and fun. ^_^ The kind of teacher you'd want for an aunt of a grandmother, if that makes any sense. 'Cause she's just that cool.
But I can't meet with her to discuss the lesson plan until after school today. Poo. That means I can't really do anything in class until then, so I just have to sit here and look busy.
Hehe. Drew is playing some more with filters. It's all trippy. @_@
Not quite as trippy as Greg's stuff, though. Who needs drugs when you've got Greg and a copy of Photoshop... O.o;;
I can't wait for the comic he and John are gonna make to come out though. It'll be on Keenspace, probably... Greg's a frikkin' funny guy, and so I'm looking forward to some interesting stuff. He says it'll be up by Christmas. I hope so. :D
In Other News, it's time for me to draw fanart for Boy Meets Boy and Eat the Roses (Tabitha for BmB, and probably Gabriel for EtR. whee!)

I really like these clothes. Oh yes... I will wear my RenFair finds until they fall apart. Then I shall mend them and wear them some more. Nyahahhahaha. hah. Yeeees.
Makenzie will wear them as well. I am SO gonna do a plotline where they all go to RenFair.
mmmmm, sexy barbarians in black leather/spiky armor...
*ahem* Y'know, Michael, if you ever want to go to RenFair in a costume.... 9_9 *looks all innocent*

hehehehehhehehehehehe. Yes. I shall draw Kaen dressed like that. Then you all can drool. There's just something sexy about a guy who can handle his sword. ^_~ (insert horrible bad sword-as-a-euphumism-for-penis joke here)

We were reading poetry in English. Normally I hate poetry, but apparently I'm a sucker for the Renaissance lyric love poems. ^_^; There was one we read called "The passionate shepherd to his love" or some such... I forget who it was by, I'll type it in later when I have access to my English textbook (note to self - I've got English homework). I drew Makenzie in this pretty dress-thing. I'll ink and scan later. But yeah, she looks really pretty. e_O And she was always supposed to be the 'un-pretty' one. Oh well... that died real quick. She can be obnoxiously cute. Might as well exploit it...
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Encountered the poetry club (Liz, Emily, Michael, and a girl I don't know) after school while waiting for my English teacher.
Emily was asking for ways she can "get" her boyfriend - she wants to show him she's mad at him. And apparently she wants this so she can break up with him before Thanksgiving break, have fun while away on vacation, and get back together with him when she gets back.

This is why I lost respect for Emily, why I don't like her... That sort of thing makes me sick.



got to go work out. Zoned out on the treadmill, snapped out of it about three miles later... I love being able to do that, just walk and not think of anything. (that's the reason I don't go walking outside - I'd get hit by a car SO fast...)

grrr. Dammit Kelsey, you should have stayed home. >_< *grumbles* fool girl, goin' and making herself sick...

ooooooooooooooooooh, cold front coming! :D I love cold weather. Glee!
My leg itches. *scratch**scratch*
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Why am I shivering so badly?
This isn't just the teeth-shattering shivers..
this is the entire-body-shaking-so-bad-it's-making-me-nauseous shivers.

And I'm not even cold.... grrr...
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did fan art for Boy Meets Boy. 's Tabitha.

Couldn't' decide if I liked it with a background or not. Hmm.


With a background:
grrr with a background

Hmmsies. My stomach hurts. I dunno if it's from not eating enough, eating too much (lately it seems like anything is too much. And I did nibble on one of the cookies Nicole made.. maybe it was too rich or something. I've been eating mostly vegetables. e.O I a rabbit!), or just doing too many sit-ups. Maybe a combination of the three. Hmm.
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