November 22nd, 2001


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Something so very strange just popped into my head earlier and I don't know why.
At some point either last year or the year before, during one of those times when I didn't get to speak to Michael except sometimes on the weekends because he was always on the phone with Emily (those tended to last for months at a time), I was walking down the stairs at school talking to Emily. She let it slip that Michael had been very depressed, was thinking he was worthless, and wanted to die. She said something along the lines of 'I'm starting to worry about him, y'know?'. I don't remember what I said. I think she went on to the band hall and I sort of slowed down or stopped where I was in the hallway.
Michael, depressed? I never saw him; I couldn't make any sort of guess as to how he was doing. But he was still the best friend I had, and to hear something like that... To not even have had a clue about how he was feeling and to know there was nothing I could do because he hadn't come to me and therefore probably wouldn't want to talk to me about it...
I wanted to cry. My best friend was apparently going through something extremely difficult, and I couldn't help him.
I watched him like a hawk every time I saw him after that. When I did get the chance to speak to him online, I paid extra-close attention to what he said and what he meant.
He seemed fine to me. But I was still so worried.

That just kept playing over and over in my head today and I don't know why. *mutter* Odd. Very odd.


In Other News, I figured out why it is that I've been losing weight. e.O according to, I've yet to consume more than 700 calories on any given day. My average is between 500 and 600, actually...
I could have sworn I eat more than that. e_e
on the other hand, I am meeting most nutritional requirements (mmm, vitamins) and I've lost another eight pounds. e_O so it's all good, I guess...
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for KeenParty 2002 (a New Years party for comic characters) Makenzie's Locker is with:
Inside Joke
0000 Agent
Lang Lang

I'm especially happy about being with Lang Lang. One of the CUTEST comics ever. Go read it right now. So cool! eeeeeeeee!
(that reminds me, I was gonna add Lang Lang to the links section... tomorrow. Now, I go to bed. x_X)

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e.0 that's odd.
I have bruises all along my outer thigh and on the inner parts of my lower legs.

All right, that does it, which one of you has been sneaking into my room and beating me with a stick while I sleep? eh? eh? e.0 *eyes you suspiciously*

seriously, I've no idea how I manage to bruise myself. Usually I'm pretty tough and it takes quite a bit to damage me. Hmmm.

Giving thanks...

This being Thanksgiving and all, I'd like to take the time to just say some things to the people who are likely to read this who mean the most to me. Keep in mind that if I leave you out it does not in any way mean you are unimportant; it merely means I have a short attention span and limited time at the computer. ^_^;; so first a big sappy hug to you all.
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ahh, my crazy family... @_@

I was feeling kinda gross because, it being Thanksgiving and all, I'd consumed more (at least in terms of calories and whatnot) today than I did in the past four days combined... so I decided I'd go for a walk. I told my mom I'd be gone in about half an hour and ambled away. (I was enjoying the scenery - it's so pretty in Houston today!)
Half an hour (all right, all right, 32 minutes) later I come home, seeing my dad pull out of the driveway and head off.
I go inside and my mother comes up to me asking where have I been, do I know what time it is, etc.
I say, "I said I'd be back in half an hour. And half an hour later, here I am!"
She sheepishly admits that she left her watch at my uncle's, where we went for our annual Thanksgiving lunch/dinner thing, and that she'd had no idea how long I'd been gone. Then she says she sent my dad out to look for me.
Nicole and I both have to wonder why on earth she sent my dad. He has no cell phone, so we can't call him to tell him I'm home. He could never talk and drive at the same time. As my mom put it, "He's barely able to drive and drive at the same time". e.O yeah, mom. Anyway... so we ask why she didn't go instead.
"Well, there were dishes to be done..." she says, gesturing towards the sink.
I laughed so hard, commenting on how I rated just below greasy pans as I went outside to wait for my dad to get back. I find this whole thing very very funny. When he did get back, I made a fuss over him for being sweet enough to go look for me, then barely contained my laughter as I explained that I wasn't really late at all. I don't expect he appreciated me laughing so much; as I'm sure they really were worried, but I must remember to make my mother wear a watch in the future...

Heehee. Silly family.
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Nicole's friend Shafer is here. I'm supposed to 'keep an eye' on them.

I left them outside, shouted "NO SEX!" and wandered back in so I could sing along to my music as loud as I damn well please.
Does that count? I think it does.
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