November 23rd, 2001


hee. ~_~ *purr*

More reasons to love Michael...

NeonSeraphim (2:46:09 AM): oh, you know what I meant to tell you? I thought that Ren Fair costume looked good on you

That's from a convo a few nights ago. Yes, I save AIM conversations. So if you've ever said anything incriminating in a chat with me, odds are it's on disk. >:]= nyahahha.

But seriously... I'm not used to compliments on my appearance. And when it comes from someone like Michael, it means something. I believe I mentioned this a while back when KK complimented me - he and Michael aren't too liberal with compliments, making any sort of praise from them all the more special. I'm not sure if they realize that or not, but what they say has a pretty big impact on me. I like a lot of people, but there are a select few whose opinions I trust and respect. They are on that list.
I remember once a few years ago Alan randomly came up to me and asked, out of nowhere, if I'd lost weight. e.0 <-- I pretty much made that face, and said I wasn't sure. (I have never been very good at receiving compliments; it's probably better that I don't receive them a lot!). He shrugged and said it looked as if I had, complimented the dress I was wearing, and headed off to class (bell rang).
I, Jenni of the Negative Amounts of Self-Esteem, felt better about myself for a week.
What Michael said? I'm still smiling. And I'm wearing the shirt again. (because I like it. Really. Not because he does. Honest. *ahem* yeah. ^_^ he's not gonna see me, so what does it matter?)

*nods wisely* your words have power... choose them carefully. ^_^

On a Random Tangent, these pants are starting to annoy me. e.O they're men's jeans. Because guys' hips generally don't go outwards too much, the waist is the same size as the hips... which means that while these jeans fit around my hips, they're a couple inches too big around my waist. It feels odd. I had a design for altering a pair of jeans, maybe I can do it with this pair. My mom won't object, they were a few dollars at Value Village, so it's not like I'm destroying expensive clothing here even if I can't pull it off. ^_^; But if I can, oh how cool they will look...
Gabriel got army boots because he absolutely needed new shoes. *envy* I've been wanting to stop by the Army Surplus store and get me some for so long now, and he got them before me. Injustice! My mother agrees with me that I need some (have I mentioned how I love the fact that my mother not only tolerates my fashion sense - or lack thereof - but likes it on occasion? glee!)... so soon... mebbe for Christmas.

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I am so utterly bored right now.
What's most annoying is that there's plenty I COULD be doing. But I don't really want to.
I could be working on thumbnails for ML, CG3, or SA. Or even HBH, though that comic seems to have stagnated somewhat.
I could be doing the update for ML early, or even getting ahead on the pages.
I could be doing the fan art I've been wanting to do for no less than a dozen comics.
I could be working on designing and implementing the HTML for the web pages for CG3 and SA.
I could be working on the numerous drawings I owe Kelsey. ^_^;;
I could actually be taking notes for Networking. Bah.
I could be cleaning up around here. It's always messy and my mom hates that. I tell her she has a house full of creative, messy people. She can either have that, or have a nice, clean, empty one. She's starting to lighten up on being a mess Nazi since I think she's realizing I'm not gonna be here too much longer. mmm, college.

I'm so bored.
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While I Am Away:
Hillary messaged me 4 times.
Ziggy messaged me 3 times.
Stumpy messaged me 2 times.
David messaged me 3 times.

... e.O
I do hope they realize I'm away. I know I can be pretty quiet, but this is ridiculous... *snicker*
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Hillary can be annoying at times... but a lot of the time she's damned funny:

BlackGriffin15 (10:25:37 PM): how was your day?
Jenni the Odd (10:25:47 PM): dull
BlackGriffin15 (10:26:02 PM): im sorry
BlackGriffin15 (10:28:34 PM): well, now we can have lots of fun and make it nondull
Auto response from Jenni the Odd (10:28:34 PM): y'know, it's not that I hate everything; I'm actually in a decently good mood.

I just don't want to talk to anyone right now. Sorry. *shrug*
BlackGriffin15 (10:28:59 PM): ok, screw the lots of fun
BlackGriffin15 (10:29:07 PM): lets be gothic
BlackGriffin15 (10:33:57 PM): fire and death!