November 24th, 2001


If you give a Michael a rant topic...

He will talk for hours. No, I'm actually not complaining. ^_^

v1c70ry r4d10: i liek his opion.
Jenni the Odd: I do too. I usually agree with him, which is good, because my skills at arguing rival that of the average gerbil. i.e. I have none.

~[ 9_9 I wish I was joking when I say that. It really is a damned good thing that our opinions on important topics tend to be the same, because otherwise trying to argue with him would frustrate me to no end. ]~

v1c70ry r4d10: i suggest michael writes bush's speaches. : P
Jenni the Odd: heheheheh

I have really weird proportions... e.O

I am 5' 10''. 70 inches tall.
From where my legs separate from my body to the ground: 33 inches.
I'm almost half leg. These strangely long legs of mine came to my attention when my mother (who is 5'4'' and whose height is proportioned normally) brought to my attention the fact that we're the same height when seated. That extra half a foot is all in my legs.
How very weird.
On the plus side, if I lose enough weight, I could be a real-life anime girl. 9_9 *snicker* I got the hair, I'd have the proportions... That'd be kinda funny.
My arms are also about 27 inches long. :D I'm just a freak! Yeep!

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oog, ate too much.
Is it bad when about 5 oz of chicken, a tortilla, and a tablespoon or two of chili con queso counts as 'too much'?
*sits there and digests*

I am full and bloated, like the python after devouring a young goat... -_-
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