December 3rd, 2001


froggie froggie froggie... :D

I'm a Golden Mantella Frog!

These frogs occur in several colour forms, each confined to very small locations within the eastern quadrant of Madagascar. They like their habitat with temperatures around 68 - 70*F and high humidity. This species is very showy in captivity preferring elevated positions out in the open. Males are generally smaller, slimmer and more angular in build than females and not as vocal as other species of mantellas. Females can produce eggs at a rate of once every two months given proper care.

What kind of Frog are you?

heehee... I love frogs. @_@ Used to have two little pacman frogs as pets a looong while back. Cranky little beasts, but so very cute.

And there was much rejoicing.

And then there was sleep. And little of it.

ML is now updated. Pages 23 and 24 for your viewing enjoyment.

I will fix the coding problem and upload the art page tomorrow. Right now I can't see straight - I think I am getting sick; I never sleep so much when I'm well. I'm always asleep lately. Ugh.

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*blows kisses*

He's 18. (Hmmm, he's legal.... *snicker*) (... wait, I'm not...)
Love ya muchly, buddy. *hugs*
And good luck at region.
Poor guy has region band auditions on his birthday!
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Rrrrgh, Director is not cooperating with me. X_x *tears out hair*

I gotta go to the bank and go home and get my notebook for Comp. Networking. Which means I won't get to stay here at lunch and give Michael his birthday glomping. ^_^; Probably for the best; he's not too fond of me hugging him...

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mmmm, apple juice and diet sprite, mixed. All the fruit goodness of the apple, with the fizzy goodness of the sprite.
And mmm, vanilla yogurt.

*is all showered and happy*

I dropped Michael's birthday present off at his house - he was still at region, poor baby! How it must suck to have to do that on your birthday. -_-;

Brittany had a few suggestions for what I should do for his turning 18...
One involved waiting outside where region auditions were being held, and when he left, kidnapping him, blindfolding him, and - uh, she didn't get to finish, I interrupted with something about the blindfold being kinky and we started laughing too hard.

Her other idea was for me to just show up at his house in sexy lingerie and do unmentionable things to him.
for those of you who know me, you will know why I laughed so hard.
I don't think I own anything that could be considered even remotely sexy. (though we'll leave that up to Michael to decide, I suppose. e.O;; umm)
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must... consume... something... x_X
urgh. stupid account driving me bonkers. I signed up to prove I do eat enough only to discover that apparently I can survive fine and dandy for half a week on 73 calories a day.
*grumble* I figure I should at least try to eat around 400 a day. (supposed to eat about 1200 if you're on a diet, more normally) But I rarely make it. -_-;; this plan backfired, ne?