December 7th, 2001


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I hate sinus headaches. >_<
oh well. 's not bad enough to keep me from actually doing anything, so I'll live.
Stayed in the band hall and thoroughly enjoyed the company of Michael, a few Davids and Johns, and several other people as we discussed computers and old Ren and Stimpy episodes and whatnot. Loads of fun. I was feeling quite 'blah' earlier, but Michael kept making me laugh. Bless him. ~_~ *purr*

gonna go work out at some point after school today.
Ugh, there's a pep rally today - grrr... the theme is 'sports'... almost no one dressed up. *snicker*
To Do Today:
- work out
- work on ML update
- work on e-card designs
- finish up the inking for Kelsey's flyer
- keep working on Mike's Christmas present
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    they're playing Good Charlotte's 'Little Things' outside

randomness. And other stuff. (I think that about covers everything...)

Stomach's all queasy-like. That's rarely a good thing.
Mebbe it'll go away. *waits*
... I found an EBONY pencil. Always wanted to try those things out. Never did. Guess I get to, now...
Well, later, at any rate... no homeroom today; we're on pep rally schedule.
I miss last year's schedule. Homeroom every day. Was like a nice little naptime in the mid-morning, when I tend to need it most.
Or maybe that weird sleep pattern created this dependency on a nap in the morning. e.O I may never know.

Dammit, now my stomach actually HURTS. I'm waiting for the cramps to kick in and then everything will be just peachy. *sarcasm* e_e

mm, I got chains! well, my brother's wallet chain - he's not allowed to have it at his school, so I stole it, doubled it up, and now I wear it as a bracelet.

There's supposed to be a cold front coming in over the next few days. Mmmmmmm, cold weather... *purr*

I finished a sketch of the SA site design. Should be pretty easy to deal with; it's nice and simple coding. But I want CG3 to be a little more flashy; I mean, the story's set in the future, there's a lot of technology, and I kinda want the site to reflect that. And because I have some sort of control complex and feel the need to know each and every smidgen of code and whatnot that winds up in my pages, I want to code it myself. Which means I'm gonna be a code vulture - go to different sites that do things I want to learn how to do, view source, and figure out how to alter it to my evil little needs.
The INSTANT I figure out javascript rollovers that work, I will be unstoppable.

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*shivers* That does it. I'm going home and curling up in my bed.
I never sleep for more than two hours without waking up (I don't know why - I wake up every two to three hours or so, then go back to sleep, normally) so after I can feel my hands again I go work out.
I'm shaking so much... @_@