December 9th, 2001


got Tish?

we do! :D
Yeah, Tish has been over here since church. We took her out to lunch with us and she's staying for dinner. ^.^
Gave her free reign to use any of my art supplies and/or the computer.
Must remember to give her the HTML book - she said she wanted to learn.
She's in the kitchen being crazy with my brother.
Let's adopt her. ^_^

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Ugh. Lots of little thumbnails will be going up with this update, and I'm not entirely sure I got 'em all - lemme know if there's any broken images tomorrow, my little minions.


Oh yeah. Caffeine kicking in. Time to draw like mad. @_@


Will someone tell me who the fuck keeps setting the thermostat in this house for 50 degrees? I'm shaking so hard I can't fucking hold a pencil. >_< much less ink the next two pages!
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