December 10th, 2001


Icy hands of DEATH!

*looks at hands* couldn't feel my fingers earlier...

Ryan stopped by my Loth page again...
I miss him. He was a fun guy... I never talk to him anymore - I'm never online when he is.

Two hours of sleep=all kinds of not good. I drank two coffee... things... e.O dunno what they are, but they contained caffeine a-plenty, because I sure as hell woke up.
This two-pages-a-week schedule will kill me off yet. -_-;
I look - and feel - like utter crap! Joyousness.

Heh. Michael is a sexy bitch! :D Lord of the Rings shirt. Rrrrow. *keeps a straight face for about thirty seconds before falling over in a fit of giggles*
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Mmmm, soul....

Drew insists I sold my soul to the devil to be the DD on my first day of being on DeviantArt... e_e;;;

Did not.

... Though he might've taken it while I wasn't looking.
Did you take my soul?
BAD Michael! Very naughty! *cracks whip* ^_~

But I didn't... *glowers in Drew's general direction*
Damn, my hands are all shaky. I inked two of the e-cards (Michael and Kelsey, check your mail later tonight - I'll prolly try to send 'em to you so I can use you as test subjects. ^_^) but the lineart came dangerously close to turning out too wobbly to use.

Cursed shakiness. >_<

Apparently, my hiccups are from the devil, too. e.O
Dammit, Michael!
... Drew is strange.
(he's also a woman! haHA!)
He didn't see me type that. I may yet get away with posting it... *evil grin*

He's been looking through DeviantArt trying to find one wallpaper amongst thousands. I'm enjoying watching his sanity slowly dribble away...
Well poo, he found it. Oooooh, pretty. O.O

My tummy hurts. >_< Just thought I'd share...

Michael, I want my soul back.
... Oh, this is wrong...
"Dude! Do NOT put that in your pants!"
"Mmmm, soul..."

... I think I need to get out more. Webcomics have warped my brain. @_@
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    The sound of Drew whimpering as I frighten him... ^_^

oh, crap...

I am so dead on my feet right about now. Desperately clinging to the last traces of caffeine in my system...
And I gotta take Nicole to make sure her dress fits for band... CRAP.
We should have gotten it fitted before, we forgot... -_-;;
If all else fails she can wear one of her own black dresses, but it'd be nice to have a band dress for her.

Crud. It's more than a half hour drive, with traffic. And I can barely keep my eyes open.

Dammit, I've already consumed about three things of coffee. @_@
Combined with the grape juice I had early (2 AM) this morning... that's well over 400 calories. >_<
yeah, I hate food. I feel gross enough while I'm on my period without having to deal with the 'I-shouldn't-have-eaten" feeling. Leave me alone. *scurries off into a darkened corner*
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*makes a little squealy noise*

the shoes... the ones I always give Chris... O.O with the five straps...

Another reason to love vebelfetzer... she posted a link to those boots. o.o
But they have them in my size, without six-inch heels, which is why I'm so thrilled. I have friggin' huge feet. And hands. My hands and feet are about the same size as Michael's... and he is a tall, long-limbed guy. e_e I'm also 5'10'' (though my mom suspects I may have snuck in growing another inch or so at some point because she swears I look taller...) and would prefer not to be six something. That and I lack the sense of balance to safely wear heels like that. ^_^;;

*browses the rest of the site*

damn, can't feel my fingers. It's always so cold here. @_@