December 17th, 2001



*scratches head*

Subject: drawing

Hey there,

I read your comic (which I think is good *G*), and no
I don't think it sucks *has read that little bit* and
I saw the part that you would do drawings of
characters and such.

Do you know what you would want for just a pencil



no. No, I don't.


... pencil drawings don't take too long... *ponders*
*sigh* I absolutely suck at pricing my work. Some of you guys have purchased artwork before... how much would you say a (decently cleaned-up) pencil sketch of a character from someone of my skill level would be worth?
I have no clue here... urk.

doo be doo be dooo...

Got Kelsey's drawing scanned in, but I'm going to have to switch computers in a second(aunt and uncle sleeping in the room with the 'good' comp - the one that has my tablet and scanner) so I can't finish it 'til tomorrow. is annoying me. >_< I can't figure out how to send my custom cards. Anyone who could possibly help, I will be eternally grateful.