December 18th, 2001



so awake...
so very awake..

FUCK! I need to paint an ornament for my grandmother. I said I'd do it, and I completely forgot...
*scampers off to find her paints*

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argh, neck so sore. x_X I must've slept weird again...
took my English final on about three hours of sleep. I think I did well. I absolutely adore the sonnet the essay was based on and I know I did well on the test - it was so easy. Almost all repeated questions from a previous test. That and Macbeth is one of my favorite plays...

Well, I don't need to go to school tomorrow. *purrs*
Well, I annoyed Michael with this already... but I still feel the need to babble.
Viva mis pantalones!
Once I finish sewing them, I will have the worlds most spiffy pair of pants. They're the same as a pair I'm putting in Chris for the first scenes of CG3... jeans with a fabric inset along the side seams (in my case, dark gray, in hers, dark red) and lacing that goes along the sides all the way down. The fabric only goes to the knees, not all the way to the bottom hem, though. I, like Chris, will more than likely wear stripey socks under it. Or those boots... which my mom agreed I could get for Christmas! :D eeeee! They probably won't be here in time to be under the tree, which for some reason upsets her, but I'm content. Mmmmm, boots.

I will post the sketch of Chris sooner or later... probably later...
and maybe eventually a picture of the actual pants.

I just presented my multi-media final. Got a 100. Wheeeee...
I wonder where Drew is; he isn't here and he's not posted anything on LJ lately... hope he's not still sick. Eep. That would suck muchly.
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Fifteen minutes to go, then I'm free...
I've checked up on all the webcomics I read regularly... even re-read the archives for Sundowner (if you want a link, it's on theML links page, I just closed the window and I'm too lazy to check)... cute comic, that. Makes me wanna do a silly comic where I can just draw cute, pretty people in crazy clothing all the time. ^_^ ML tends to be slightly too realistic for the proportions and outfits that would entail...

Things to do today:
- work on Kelsey's flyer. I just gotta color it, but I want it to look nice... shouldn't take too long, though.
- start finalizing the sketch for Mike's Christmas present. Bless the boy, he gave me plenty of references to use for all the characters he wants me to draw. ^_^
- see if I can't figure out how the hell to rig up some online cards and/or jigsaw puzzles for ML. I promised extras this week and dammit, I will do the extras!
- clean my room so my relatives can live there for a week or two while they stay with us. I still have absolutely no idea where I'm gonna be sleeping... e.O;;

Things to do tomorrow, when I have nothing else to do (whee!)
- Go to Deidrich's or Starbucks or someplace quiet and warm and re-re-re-redo the damned concept sketches for Michael's present. @_@ yargh! Someday I'll draw him something I can be happy with. Just doesn't look like it's gonna be this year.... urrrrk. x_X I will then post 'em online (since he's almost never online... I'm so thankful I can do that and get feedback without having to worry about him seeing it!) and get critiques... then ink and paint.
I painted that ornament for my grandmother last night at about 3 am... I'd forgotten how soothing is is to actually paint... I've been doing way too much work on the computer lately.
- organize and wrap family Christmas gifts. I might actually go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy some cheap plain ornaments or something and paint 'em. I need to make sure I have something for everyone - and a few extra just-in-case presents because the people in our family have this annoying habit of breeding or bringing guests, or something, but there' s always at least one person there without any warning whatsoever... and I have this innate need to give everyone a Christmas present. @_@
- work on ML and SA. I'm not going to hurry CG3 along, but I'd like to work on SA again...
- work on mah pants! Hemming the sides by hand is annoying and time-consuming because I use tiny stitches and I have long legs. ^_^;; Oh well...

Now two more minutes. I could type a lot faster if my hands weren't shaking. (I'm cold. Again. It's no longer worth mentioning; unless I say otherwise, just assume I am freezing)
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I can't find my acetate! I know I had a near-full... thingy... pad... - yeah, pad - of it last time I used it. Now it's gone! >_<
I don't wanna have to buy new acetate... rrrgh. I was pissed enough when I had to get new stuff because the dura-lar was screwy and fused together. I still don't know if it was just the Texas heat or crappy plastic film... Hmm.
On the other hand, it will give me an excuse to go to TAS. ^_^
On the other other hand (I'm secretly an octopus. I will use as many damn other hands as I want) it's almost Christmas - they'll be packed. *wistfully remembers her time on the sales floor before Christmas* *sigh*
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characters Mike wants me to draw him for Christmas...
Chun Li

I know nothing about these characters... I play no games. ^_^;; I'm still proud of myself for being able to recognize them at all. Anyone with any sites that would contain additional pictures of these chicks (Not so much Chun Li as the others, there's a ton of pics of her), I will be eternally grateful.

As of tomorrow, there will be:

Two aunts, Two uncles,
One Cousin
One Mother, One Father,
Two sisters,
One Brother,
One sister's boyfriend,
One sister's friend,
One Minister and his Wife,
One Abuelita,
One Brother's Friend,
Anyone Who Happens to Show Up (probably more Sister's Friends)
and a fucking partridge in a pear tree, all at my house. @_@
All right, the partridge won't be there. I think we're eating him for dinner. But yeah. Lots of people. Tons of people. And most of them will be staying here (the friends, boyfriend, and religious peoples will be - hopefully - exiting our domicile after about 8 PM or so...) for over a week.
Lots of people.

And we all know how much Jenni loves people.
Nicole and I were ranting about this and she admitted that as much as she bitched about having people around her, she couldn't stand to be alone, really. She'd go nuts as an only child.
Not me.
This past summer, Nicole and Gabriel went to Illinois to stay with one of the sets of aunt sand uncles that are here currently... They stayed with them for about two weeks. Emma was almost always at some sort of lesson, day camp, etc. My dad works all day (and much of the night. e.O) and my mom was also at her office during most daylight hours. For much of the time, I was all by myself.
It was great. :D
I have no problem being alone.
I am gonna need a vacation after all the relatives go back to Peru or Illinois or wherever and I go back to school... e_e;;

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I had to go get some acetate. >_<
turned out Emma had gotten to what I had; and she scratched it up something awful. No art supply stash is sacred in this house, lemme tell ya.
Apparently the people at TAS miss me, too. ;_; And they aren't really really busy this year, like they were last year... odd. e.O
*snif* I miss my job.