December 23rd, 2001


It's the most... dangerous tiiiiime of the year... (to work in retail)

Saint Evermore: So, I've achieved gainful employment at "Toys'R'Ghetto" for the Christmas season
Jenni the Odd: ooooh, fun.
Saint Evermore: Like working as a Chum handler at the shark tank of Sea World
Jenni the Odd: *shudders*
Saint Evermore: Nothin' left but the shelves and the bits people didn't want and let us know by scattering them on the floor
Jenni the Odd: O.O
Saint Evermore: I suppose I should be heading off to sleep, I've got 10 hours of shark-feeding fun tomorrow
Jenni the Odd: *shudder*
You have my deepest sympathy, m'dear.
Jenni the Odd: sleep well.
Saint Evermore: Thankee. Good happy to you too

Unseasoned Jazz Goodness!

Nicole and I went to see the Unseasoned Jazz Special, which is a band consisting of three brothers (Dan, Bach, and Kiem), Zach, and Mark. They are all badasses. Really.
Mark, Dan, and Zach are in my grade; Kiem is a freshman, and Bach was a grade or two below us, but I think he's actually a sophomore in college or some such... e.O not sure. He's quite brilliant.
Music was good. Second-hand smoke wasn't too much fun, but I think most of it was that I've already got a cough. >_< so yeah. Only problem is it was loud. Ask my sister, she'll say it wasn't. But to me, it was loud. I blacked out a few times from the pain in my head. (I do that...) But the music was good. On a random note, Dan has insanely shiny hair... anime-esque shininess. 'Twas insane. And quite cool.
Nicole and I were gonna go buy a pair of electric pink panties from Wal-Mart or some such place and throw them on stage, but we decided against it. In retrospect, maybe we should have...
Now for claritin and painkillers. :D

Okay, claritin and painkillers have been taken.
Now, about the ML update - it'll happen tomorrow morning. I no longer have access to the scanner or tablet at night, and since most of today I was asleep or had too much of a headache to draw anything that didn't' look much crappier than normal, I do not wish the quality (such as it is) to suffer.
So there will probably be two or three pages tomorrow morning. check around noon; I'm making myself wake up early to work on it, and unless my head is absolutely killing me, it will be done.
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