December 29th, 2001



I accidentally (why did I mention that? Who in their right mind would do it on purpose?) slammed my middle finger on my right hand in the door.

It really really really really hurts. And has for the past two hours. (since i slammed it two hours ago... ah, you get it.)

e_e oww.

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What FFVII character are you?? Find out here!!! by washu!!

Hrm. Having never played any sort of Final Fantasy game...

I know only that apparently I'm insane, gorgeous, and have a ludicrously large yaoi fan following. e.O


tripped and fell on the steps in front of our house. >_< tile. Ouchies. Not nice to my right knee, which I landed completely on. Urk. I sat there for a minute, laughing and disturbing my sister because I was laughing, then I got up and limped into the house and sat still until it didn't hurt so much to move my knee. Feels like it's achey, but nothing drastic. I'll be fine and dandy; just slightly sore and a bit cranky. Grrr.
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awww, lookit all the cute geeks. ^_^

Yeah, I like geeky, dorky, or otherwise weird guys.

My mom just told me to put more clothes on. e.O
I'm wearing the shirt Mak has been wearing for the past few pages, 'cept without the second strap on each arm that goes around.
e_e I'll wear a shawl or something with it. Too cold otherwise.
Probably going to see LotR with Michael and Nicole in an hour or so. Whee.

Ugh. Should not have eaten. Tummy upset. @_@

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All right, Claudina, feel free to stop smiling like that every time I answer your questions. Yes, Michael is going to the movie with us.
Nicole is also going. It is not a date! NOT A DATE! rrrgh.
I feel like I'm in elementary school, being accused of liking someone. >_<

... oh, if this continues, there will be beatings. x_X
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