January 2nd, 2002


Plans for today:

- watch my youngest sister, Emma, and her friend for most of the day. I might be taking them to see Beauty and the Beast. Not sure. As is, they'll at least be playing in the sand pile.
- While they are getting all sandy, I intend to work some more on my pants. Wheee, pants.
- my mom won't let me stay up with my abuelita on a school night (grr. I'm used to much less sleep than they are, any day of the week. Oh well.) so unless Emma's friend goes home before evening, odds are I won't get the chance. >_< But maybe during the weekend.
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You are Sailor Jupiter!
You're tall, and you're tough, and you
won't just stand by and let someone pick
on your friends.
But, when you're not kicking butt, you're
a sweetie. You like to cook, and every boy you
see reminds you of your ex-boyfriend.

You fight with the power of lightning!

Take the Which Sailor Are You? Quiz!

...created by Kenzie.


Hee. She always was my favorite of the inner senshi. ^_^
Yeah, I confess, I secretly kinda like Sailor Moon. 9_9 You may shoot me now.

Took Emma, Nicole, and Emma's friend to see The Majestic.
Eh. Wasn't worth the time and money. *wrinkles nose* much as I love Jim Carey (he's just so cute. I can't help it. I like funny men. Robin Williams - eee!)... was not worth it. >_< I just wasn't that interested. But the kids behaved themselves very well and I promised never to make them sit through a movie like that again.

Mmmm, Tim Burton

You're the Nightmare Before Christmas!

Marc (one of the managers at the store I used to work at) once told me I looked like I'd stepped out of a Tim Burton movie (I was clad in fishnet, stripey socks, my boots, my lacy skirt, etc.). I took it as a compliment. ^_^