January 4th, 2002


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My mom told me to say goodbye to my abuelita before I left this morning. I had been planning on it anyway... but she meant goodbye in the more final sense. I asked her to call me if my abuelita does pass on during the day. School rules be damned, I don't care if I get in trouble for having a cell phone - I want to know if something happens. I don't want to spend all day wondering if she'll still be there when I go home.

I actually cried last night. I haven't done that in so long. I counted - four tears. Then I stopped.
Michael, I need a hug. I know you're not a very touchy-feely person (for lack of a better phrase), but you're the one person I think I could stand to receive a hug from.
To the rest who would offer hugs, I thank you... but sympathy completely drains me. Under most circumstances, I cannot tolerate it. In this case, I require only a little.

Now for badly butchered Spanish.
Abuelita... te amo. Te amo mucho. Ojala que tu estas mas contenta ahora. No puedo hablo muy bueno... Pero siempre sabes que te amo.
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Abuelita is still here.
She is an incredibly tough little woman. ^_^
I'm going to go stay with her for a few hours now so my uncle can get some sleep.