January 6th, 2002



I am insanely cold right now.
oddly enough, my hands only feel a bit cool...
but I can't stop shivering and shaking. Weird.


just got what is possibly some of the cutest fanart I've ever seen. e.0

by aichan! buddy 'o Westbaylen ^_^
that's 1/4 the size it was sent to me as. ^_^;;; meep - mailbox stuffed to brimming now... @_@
I gotta wait to clear it by saving it on my other computer, though.

*piddles around*

Late night insanity. It's a madhouse, I tell you.

Nicole: *wanders in looking sleepy*
Nicole: o.O;;
Jenni: Ahahaha- I just drank two li~iters of so~da! *singsong voice* *commences giggling insanely and gnawing on the soda bottle*
Nicole: o.O;;;
Jenni: *giggle**gnaw**giggle**gnaw*
Nicole: I think I'm gonna go get a cookie. *wanders off*
Jenni: so~da! *gnaw*


gotta do the update. (I just woke up; went to bed at about eight when Rolando came in to take my place)


*sketchy sketchy sketchy*
whoops, pants. Need those, too. ^_^;;
*locates pants* *decides to shower while she's at it*

(no subject)

I am going to fucking slaughter Tish's family.
Her grandmother in particular.
Then I am going to bring her here and never take her back to her house ever again. She can live with us; share my room 'til I leave for college, and then stay there since Nicole always says she would never want my room. And she can be happy and loved and taken care of all the time.

And then I'll discover a cure for AIDS and cancer and the common cold. And sprout wings. And become invisible.

She just called me, in tears... after a few minutes someone made her hang up - he got on the line said "she'll call you back" and that was it - and so there wasn't much conversation.


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