January 7th, 2002


Welcome to Jenni Looks and Feels Like Crap Day!

To get a decent parking spot, it is necessary for me to be at school at approximately 7:20.
Today, after finally managing to fall asleep around four, I woke up at 7:30.
I should've just stayed up all night.
In seven minutes I had pulled on a bra, shirt, and pants, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and ran like all hell out the door. I look and feel like total crap. Well, moreso than usual, anyway. Not MUCH more so, but enough to make me grumpy. I'm tempted to go home during lunch and take a shower (I HATE not showering. I don't smell or anything, I just don't like it. And my hair gets weird). I think I will.
I feel like I'm going to throw up. But I know I haven't eaten anything in the past 13 hours or so... so I just sort of sit there, moderately comforted by the fact that no matter how I feel, I won't really throw up. So it'll be okay.
My hands hurt from the cold outside. I can feel them again, they just hurt. >_< urgh. And while I'm bitching, my foot hurts. Something in my shoe has been rubbing my foot raw. Owwie. I can't get rid of it, either. Oh goodie.
I'm supposed to be typing up stuff for an HTML tutorial website I have to make. I will, eventually, but I don't wanna. I really feel like curling up (preferably in the band hall, since going home is not an option, and next to Alan, since he won't mind and Michael would) and going to sleep until I feel better and until everything in the world is normal/good.
Which means, of course, I'd never wake up.

I'm worried about my aunt. She found a spot on her breast. Biopsy today.
I'm worried about Tish. Just 'cause. I'm picking her up today and taking her somewhere, anywhere that's not her house. My family and I want to keep her out of there as much as humanly possible, but there's not much I can do at this point.
I'm worried about my mom. I'm not worried about abuelita anymore; she's not in pain. But my mom is really starting to wear from the stress.

Oh god. I didn't say goodbye to my abuelita before I left the house.
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I feel gross. *wrinkles nose*
Definitely going home and showering/changing during lunch. I'll get to see Abuelita, too.
Despite not actually wanting to draw anything, I sketched a few thumbnails for cg3 during English. Which means I'll have to do my study guide at home. Poo.

Getting tired. I found this pretty low-calorie coffee stuff at the oriental market when we took Tish to get pocky... I may go get some during my lunch if I have time. It'll keep me awake, hopefully. At least long enough to last through most of the afternoon.

I couldn't sleep last night. And so, mildly obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I organized my closet, throwing out anything too small (there was one shirt. Whee) and too big (there was a gargantuan pile of clothes) that I won't wear (I kept some of the too-big stuff to wear as pajamas, and I like my shirts big anyway). So yeah. I am organized. And fidgety. And tired. And worried.
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ekky ekky ekky pTANG zwEEEebblee....

And just to make today totally worthless, I started my period. Yay. >_< (I know you all REALLY wanted to know that. Nyah. 's my LJ, I'll rant about whatever I damn well please)
On the plus side, I did get to go home, give my abuelita a kiss or two, hang out with her for a few minutes, take a shower and change (I scared people in networking because I look 'normal'... e_e;; I can't win!). Didn't have time to get coffee, but the shower woke me up enough, so 's all good. I can live without the calories.

But today is not a total crappy day. I get to go pick up Tish, feed her (she's scrawny. My entire family is on a mission to fatten her up. >:]= nyahahah), and take her to my grandmother's house where she will stay for dinner and/or until she decides to call me and get me to take her home.

Mission Keep-Tish-Out-of-Her-House-as-Much-as-Humanly-Possible is now launched...

Interesting Networking chatter...

Brittany: So, who is Matt based on?
Jenni: He's the only one who's totally fictional, actually.
Brittany: Ah.
Jenni: The others are loosely based on real people.
Brittany: Jared is..
Jenni: Jared is Michael. Quite different, but that's who he was originally.
Brittany: I see.
Jessica: Who's Michael?
Brittany: *bats her eyes, sighs softly, mocking me* Her one true love!
Me: Shaddup! *sticks out her tongue*
Jessica: Oh, the one you gave those handcuffs to?

"her one true love" "the one you gave those handcuffs to"
Anyone else greatly amused by that?

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Just dropped Tish off at my grandparents. ^_^ They'll take good care of her for a bit, at least...
Hrm. Must figure out where she can go at other times...
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those pictures my mom insisted on wasting film on...
We got 'em back.
One of me is okay. I'm not photogenic at all. (blech)

I look very disinterested. e_O;;


Sorry if I broke anyone's monitor...
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Stuffed Tish full of food once more and dropped her off at her house.
I just worry a bit because we can't take her in tomorrow. *bites lip* Anyone wanna take part in the adopt-a-Tish program? *big cheesy smile*

I'm seriously contemplating purchasing that Shakira CD behind Nicole's back. (where I am a musical whore and will listen to anything, she is a music nazi. e_e She threatened me with bodily harm if I purchased it... BAH!)

Whoops. I forgot, I actually have homework 'cause I was worthless in school today. x_X oopsie. I do it now.