January 9th, 2002


when there is nothing else to do, I update this damned LJ.

My head just feels somwhere between achey and numb. Sorta like a sinus headache.
There. Finished the director lessons. They're due Friday. Ms. Mays can kiss my fat half-Peruvian arse. I'm done for today.

I'm going to go hide in the comic book store during my lovely two-hour lunch break. Mmmm, comics. I can't afford to buy anything, (damn my lack of employment. Eh. If I had a job, I'd have no time to go buy anything, anyway. Ironic, no?) but it's better than eating - I'll save my lunch money to support my comic addiction - and I still want to go look.
First I'll call my grandparents to see if they would mind Tish coming over for a visit this afternoon.
I told Tish to call me at about 1:20 to figure out what the plans are. I should be at the career center and parked by then (I dislike the phone in general, but I absolutely HATE talking on the cel phone and driving. When Nicole is with me, she deals with the phone) so all will be good. I hope they can have her come over.

Abuelita is much the same. My mom suspects pnemonia is getting to her; her breathing is... gurgly. I don't know how else to describe it. I sat with her for a few hours yesterday and it was painful to listen to. *sigh* It's hard to enter this world and it's hard to leave it.
My aunt's biopsy came back. Breast cancer. Tiny and definitely quite treatable, but still. Cancer.
I got three hours of sleep or so last night. I'm still tired. Just not very sleepy at all.

I've been wearing the band from a bow tie that had suffered terribly. The bow was shredded. So I took it off and now I have a choker-type thing.
I usually play with my necklace, but with this I've been steadily tightening it all day, sort of a nervous habit.
Another tug or two at it and it'll become a bit constricting.
I think I prefer it that way.
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Tish is going to Granny's. From 4 to 8:15 or so. It all works out.

My head is fucking killing me. It feels like sinuses. Only different. That made no sense. Urgh.

Must design another webpage.
I'm becoming less tactful. People ask me to do something, I say "Sure, just wait for my grandmother to finish dying, then I'll be more than happy to" in a monotone voice.


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Tish got to meet Greg, John, and Drew. They amused her.
Dropped them off at school and Nicole at home. Took Tish to subway, stuffed her with sammich, then took her to her house so she could get a change of clothing.
Then took her to my grandmother's house.
Then went home and messed around for a bit. I actually fell asleep eventually (cramps were getting to me, head was splitting open. I slept. Pain is nothing).
slept for about 45 minutes, woke up, saw it was 8:20, and went "CRAP! Tish!" So just as I was about to leave, she called, thinking I'd forgotten her. I hadn't really, just... sleep. Yeah.
So I picked her up from church, stuffed her with food again, and took her home.
My grandmother wants her to go back tomorrow. So shall it be.
I love my grandma so much. Bless her for helping out with this.
Of course it helps that she really likes Tish... so does my grandpa.

Just went to see my abuelita. Her breathing is so shallow and so harsh... *sigh* Don't think I'll be sleeping much tonight, either.
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Just now, at approximately 10:30 or so, my abuelita passed away.

May she rest in peace.
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