January 17th, 2002


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Killing time. That's all I'm doing at this point.
In the uniform room we discussed our Valentine's Day plans. Liz has a boyfriend, but doesn't know if he'll be in town (he goes to UT). Tim has no girlfriend and doesn't much care, so he's happy with that. Nicole is wondering if she should be bothered to get a boyfriend by Valentine's, as she's got several guys she could basically pick and choose from. Sometimes, I hate her.
Me? I intend to spend this Valentine's much as I have all the ones before. Sitting at home. Half-laughing, half-lamenting over my apparent worthlessness in the eyes of the male species as a whole. e_e
Our school resurrected their god-forsaken matchmaking computer thing. Last year I heard nothing but how incompatible I was with everyone. Great. Wonderful. I think I filled out the stupid thing again this year. Maybe I enjoy pain.

Well, I've run out of ways to amuse myself in Multi-media. Damn Drew to all the deepest pits of hell, he escaped where I could not. My teacher doesn't like me typing in Notepad. Don't think she realizes it doesn't delete the written stuff when you close it. Hah. Take that.
Now she's mad. Whoop-de-doo. I stopped caring.
My stomach hurts.
Tish, I don't think I can give you a ride this afternoon, and possibly not tomorrow afternoon, either. My mom wants me at home; we've got to get ready for the funeral and such. Give me a call if you really really have to have a ride; but otherwise I won't be there to pick ya up...

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http://www.drowtales.com/palestra/ <-- cute style, this. e.O Cannot... resist... cuteness...

And if I ever do anything with Lotoae, it'll be colored with my friend the smudge tool. Not cel-style. Because I can, that's why. Yes. *aherm* not because it's quicker. Really. Honest. *hide*
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