January 23rd, 2002


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I tend to forget, sometimes, how good a writer Michael is. It's always rather awkward for me to read any work of fiction written by someone I know, particularly if I know them well.
But reading Michael's work has never really bothered me. And it's amusing to note things I remember him mentioning, and see traits of his - sometimes things I don't think he even really notices about himself - in his characters.

In Other News, my arm is bleeding. e.O
and my kitty is meowing incessantly. Dammit, Kitty!
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My arm itches. And my head hurts. Waaaah. (again with the whining and bitching... I seem to do a lot of that lately)
Well, my wonderful creative drive lasted all of about ten minutes. e_e; which means I got nothing. Nothing, I tell you. Pooooo. All kinds of pooooo. Give or take a few 'o's.

Everyone is signing my sister's pants. I think I'll ask her if I can draw something on them. If you know my sister and you have not yet signed her pants, you should think up something funny and do so immediately. Because her pants are nifty like that. And come on, really, how many opportunities will you have to sign someone's trousers?

The main characters in Infinity are loosely based on my sister and I. Their clothing is all stuff we actually have been known to wear. Their hairstyles and personalities are like ours. Only difference is that the characters are scrawnier and anime-ified, and my mother would never let Nicole really dye her hair like that (in the comic, she's got blue streaks and they're permanent. Mom barely lets her get away with spray-in...). We both have fairly large eyes, but not that large... e.O; And in real life, I've got glasses. But they're annoying to draw, so I left 'em out. Other than that, it's us at our crack-influenced best. Or worst, depending on how you look at it...
Infinity will be done with crosshatching so I can practice my penwork. If I can make it short enough, I will also attempt to publish it in MangaEX or some such amateur manga anthology. If it does not get published, I'll stick it on the 'net somewhere so youse guys can see it.

I really need to finish my "Hamlet" study guide. Poo. I'll do it all tonight. Might take me a while (when looking for answers I have this annoying habit if re-reading the entire play because I forget that I'm only looking for one thing. And I like Hamlet), but that's no loss. At least I know I'll be well prepared for whatever test my English teacher might give. Arrr, matey.


Mere words cannot describe how I loathe this class and wish it a painful pointy death. Pointy, I say.
We did get to watch the last of Hamlet in English. Mmmm, Kenneth Branagh. Mmmm, Robin Williams (my tastes in men are strange. So sue me. He's one funny bastard. ^_^)
I am proud of me. Three page layout sketches into Infinity and already I have used the phrases: "Corporate Desk Monkeys" and "You suck llamas!".
Having Nicole in a comic is such fun, really 'tis.
I gotta make more angels/celestial beings of various origins/whatnot... which means naming the blasted creatures. @_@ I wonder if I could enlist Michael's help; he's good at naming people. He named my three angels for Chaos Factor, which I might yet integrate into Infinity.
He names my pesky angels, he sends me interesting stuff to read, and he puts up with all my moods.
How I love him. :D
[15 minutes later, after pretending to close this window to appease my teacher]
*stabs knee with pencil*
I... want.. out! @_@
I crave cranberry juice. I don't know why. I just do. I shall attack a Walgreens somewheres to obtain it.

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I cannot concentrate.
Made the mistake of having some juice for lunch (no cranberry juice available. Poo! I had some weird orange-pineapple-carrot thing) and now I have too much energy again. I can't stop fidgeting and I cannot sit still or stare at my damned computer screen long enough to finish this test.
"What is an effective preventative measure used with segmentation to prevent broadcast related problems?"

But I did it anyway. got an 83.