January 24th, 2002


You know, no matter how I word this, it will sound SO wrong...

And the War of Michael's Penis rages on...

*sits back with some popcorn to laugh her ass off, for lo, 'tis FUNNY!*
NeonSeraphim (12:51:00 AM): ...
Jenni the Odd (12:51:31 AM): might as well say it anyway.
There's only one way this can ever be resolved!



... One of these day's he's going to kill me as I sleep, I just know it... *snicker*

Fantasy frightens me.

NeonSeraphim (11:17:01 PM): so what did you think of the stuff I sent you
Jenni the Odd (11:17:52 PM): 'twas good. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
And opening the cover of the first Dragonlance book made me appreciate your stuff all the more. @_@
How can people read fantasy stories featuring characters with names like those and keep a straight face? I can't..
NeonSeraphim (11:18:13 PM): What kind of names did you see?
Jenni the Odd (11:19:28 PM): Sturm Brightblade (*snicker*)
Goldmoon (oh brother)
Riverwind (aieee)
Flint Fireforge (please, please tell me they're kidding. I will never be able to take the dwarf seriously now..)
Tasslehoff Burrfoot (...)
NeonSeraphim (11:19:56 PM): Brightblade?
NeonSeraphim (11:20:15 PM): What the fuck. No, really. I mean.....what the fuck?
Jenni the Odd (11:20:28 PM): that was my reaction..

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Oh this is wonderful. One student tutorial lasts almost all period. At this rate, I'll never present, which is just fine with me. Whee.

... First person to implement some sort of .wav file in their page gets a bonus point.
Not worth it! Embedded sounds and whatnot on pages annoy the hell out of me for a few reasons:

1. My computer (the Ancient) does not have speakers. My baby usually has the volume turned all the way down because my siblings are demanding creatures who don't want me listening to music while they watch TV.
2. They. Kill. My. Computer. (the Ancient only. They just annoy my precioussss...)
3. Most of the time it's a cheesy MIDI. I'm sorry, no matter how good you are at composing music/no matter how cool the song is to start with, MIDIs sound BAD on the vast majority of computers. I've met maybe one person whose computer made a MIDI sound decent.
4. Every now and then, instead of a MIDI, someone will try to make the imbedded sound a WAV file. I want to brick them and I then make a point of never returning to the page so long as I live; leaving a note to my descendants telling them not to visit, either. WAVs tend to be either friggin' huge files, or really crappy quality. GRrrr, I say.
5. I've never heard a WAV or MIDI file on a webpage that was worth the time it took to download. Jeebus, people, if you're going to make me suffer while my computer freezes trying to handle your page, the least you can do is make it worth it. *twitch*

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Oh goody. Drew is outside with a principal and the Multi-Media Nazi (aka Psycho Hosebeast AKA Ms. Mays) and there is flustered movement of some sort.
Poo. She returned.
Again with the "just re-do an assignment we already did in class, only this time it's a test grade". Urgh. She hands out instructions with random words missing and asks us to fill in the blank; we will be tested on it.
Use the Pointer tool and click the rectange again. Type new world in _________ letters. Select the text and change the font to Arial and the Point ____ to 55. Make the text gray, remove the italics. Highlight just the word "NEW" and make it bold. CLICK OK.
Um. 'lower case' and 'size'.
I hate this class. Bleah.

Last period I finished my quiz first and was asked to hand out papers. I'm always scared to hand out papers. I never know anyone's name. I don't talk to them or about them, so why learn their names? I have enough trouble remembering the names of people I speak to every day - hell, catch me on a bad day and I won't remember my own name, birthday, or address. (I'm dead serious. My memory is that bad.)

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Simple pleasures for simple minds...

I am a happy Jenni (not only am I my own adjective, I am now my own species!).
I got cranberry juice for lunch. *purr* I drank about half. I shall save the other half.
The cold front came through. It's about 50 degrees outside, gray, and rainy. I can't feel my hands at all, I'm shaking like a leaf, and I'm loving every second.

... oh, and I think I just found a new favorite quote, from ravensmother, who is always a wonderful source of quotage:
"I want some good old fashioned, biting, clawing, pounding, muscle grinding sex. Is that too much to ask? "

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I can't find my English packet. @_@ (no, I didn't do any of it last night. I am a slug. I should be shot)
I finished through Act II today in homeroom (using someone else's packet) but I need the rest... meep.
Now... who is in my English class... whose name I know...
Whoop! Michael's got the same class. He should have his. I can steal his long enough to make a copy and return it before he finishes his calculus homework. *smile, sparkle*
... But I gotta wait 'til Rolando comes home so there's an adult around. Then I gotta call him.
*twiddles thumbs*