January 25th, 2002


Javascript is the bastard offspring of HTML and... and... crack.

Well. Not doing much of anything in webmastering did indeed come back to bite me in the ass.
I'm trying to decide whether or not I care... I mean, I don't need to pass this class to graduate...
It bugs me that I actually did all this stuff; just one's not finished and the other two missing assignments were never saved because Dreamweaver/my computer froze right before the bell rang. So yeah. That irritates me somewhat.

I drank some coffee because I actually had a harder time waking up than falling asleep today. Fell asleep in the frikkin' shower this morning. Dammit. So yeah. Caffeine. I already feel sick to my stomach. Probably wasn't the best of ideas. Eh. Maybe I'll throw up or something and have an excuse to go home and sleep. I'm tired.

I have a silver chain around my neck. It's very thick - Peruvian jewelry is interesting; apparently their chains look and feel quite different from American chains. And silver is cheaper there. I love silver. Gold looks icky. I'm weird like that. But this chain is quite thick and bright and heavy. It was my abuelita's - it was a necklace on her and I wear it as almost a choker. My mom gave it to me yesterday as we looked over her jewelry - or at least what she had in the US. There's lots more that stayed in Peru. She was little - her rings barely fit my pinky finger and all her necklaces are tiny, as are her bracelets.

Tish, I cannot give you a sammich today; I don't have any time between when I leave school and when I get to the career center due to pep rally schedule. We also can't take you tonight; Gabriel has SATs tomorrow and requires sleep and no distractions. But tomorrow night is okay, my mom said.
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Buzz, buzz! - Hamlet

Urgh, such a headache. This class and my last both reeked of hairspray/Lysol/SOMETHING foul. x_X

Tish, I get to skip the pep rally, so you will get a sammich after all.

... I finished the assignment in here yesterday... freeeeeeeeeeedom...

I want to direct a production of Hamlet starring my classmates. I'd want to be Hamlet or Ophelia, but there's no way in hell I could pass for a man *pokes chest* and I'm not pretty enough to be believable as Ophelia. So I shall direct.

The Cast (more than one suggested for each because I am incredibly indecisive. I am sure Michael will help me revise this list, as I've not encountered many of these people in ages and probably don't know them as well as he does)
Hamlet - Hmmm.. Either Mark, Nick or David S. Mark is a good enough actor, but David S broods better. Nick resembles David, and from what I remember he's a pretty good actor... He might work best. I've never seen David act.
Ophelia - either Nicole, Kelsey, or maybe Tish. Or perhaps Catherine, Tandy's younger sister...
Claudius - perhaps Michael. (I wanna see him play a bad guy, dammit) I also think it would be very interesting to see Ben play Claudius. *snicker*
Gertrude - er... Not sure. I'd suggest Kelsey but she looks way too young. Makeup could alter that, but it'd be a bitch to apply.
Laertes - if Mark is not Hamlet, he must be Laertes. Otherwise I think Matt, this guy in our band who plays French Horn, would do well.
Horatio - Evan? Hmm. Or KK. Maybe.
Polonius - Heheh. Ben, if he isn't Claudius and if he is, perhaps Hirsch or Ziggy, if we could get 'em to act. I know Gabriel could do it well, but he looks too young.
Ghost - Michael would make a good ghost if he doesn't play Claudius. So would Hirsch.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern - Chase and Eric, John and Greg, or Kiem and Chris
Clowns - pick two: Paul, Robert, Tim, John, Greg, Dan, Zach G, Cameron, or Zack H.
Fortinbras - Matt, if he's not Laertes. Or maybe Drew, Alan's younger brother
Osric - Alan or Steven
Captain - Chris, Kiem, Tim, Nicole, Tish, Jonathan
Courtiers/Soldiers/etc (Voltemand, Cornelius, random Gentleman, Marcellus, Bernardo, Francisco, Reynaldo, English Ambassador) - Pick some: Robert, Alan, Steven, David S, David C, David A, Zack H, Chris, Kiem, Jonathan, Dan, Drew.

Scene: I'm sure we could come up with some sort of 'castle' to serve as Elsinore. If Catherine plays Ophelia it's likely we could convince her to let us use her house (it resembles a castle) if not, we can at least get a few good outside shots and try to make it seem like the characters are inside it. 9-9;;
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y'know, I'm not normally a violent person...

But it would feel so damn good to crack every bone in Hutch's body right now. Twice.
Starting with his jaw. Maybe then he'd shut the hell up...

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