January 26th, 2002


Well fine, then.

Thank you Nicole.

"You can physically remove me from the computer in half an hour"
30 minutes later:
"Please just let me have the computer for a little while"
30 more minutes later:
"Just see if Michael's on."
"'k. I want to talk to him."
5-10 minutes later:
*gets online*
*messages Michael*
5 minutes later:
*Michael signs off, never having responded*

Wonderful. I will be shutting down all chat programs now. He's the only person I had anything to say to.
I don't want to talk to anyone or see anyone for oh, the next few months. That should be long enough to snap me out of this.
But that's not gonna happen.
So if you happen to see me in the next few days, at the very least... do not expect me to speak even when spoken to. Or to socialize without a damn good excuse.

I should be fucking happy. I lost about six pounds. Beh. I don't care.
' *hug* ' -type comments will be deleted the instant I see them. Touch me and fucking DIE.
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oh yeah.

Tish, what time should you be picked up tomorrow?
Also, I'm guessing you can have the spare room - or if the thought of sleeping there bothers you (it used to be my abuelita's room) you can sleep in my room and I'll sleep there or on the couch or (most likely) not at all. Doesn't matter to me.

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In a slightly better mood.
Slightly. *hiss*
Took Nicole to get her LTJ tickets and then to Hard Rock Cafe. Whee. Then to Soundwaves. Then home.
Then I scampered around picking up job applications.
Tish, I need to discuss stuff with you - namely the employment/driving situation. My mom is really unhappy at the thought of you being completely dependant on me to get to work. That, and a small store like TAS more than likely won't need to hire two people for the exact same time slots. Therefore, we have a few options:
1. We both work at TAS, exact same times. Not too likely, and my mother will be pissy. This is understandable, as it means I will more than likely not be getting back to the house until as late as 10:30 or so (though she may be more flexible with hours now that I have no homework. Ever.) due to dropping you off at home.
2. One of us works at TAS and the other gets a job at another place in the area. Again with the driving situation as well as a possible conflict in work schedules - many places close later than TAS.
3. You get a job within walking distance of your house/school. This would appear to be the best option at the moment.

I'll discuss it with you in a bit, I'll probably be around to pick you up 5:30-6:00.

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Hrm. Tish is discovering just how fascinating I can be.
(translation: Jenni has the social/conversational skills of the average brick)

I am extremely cold right now.
And my finger hurts. The one I slammed in the door a while ago. It's still sore. poo.
People keep trying to talk to me.
I swear one day I'll just fake my own death and disappear...
I want to cuddle with the kitty. However, he seems more interested in licking his own ass at the moment. e_e
Picked up job applications to TAS, Starbucks, Petco, and Barnes and Noble.
I need to ask my mom how late I can work. If it were up to me, I'd gladly work the closing shift because I like it for some reason, but she might not want me working 'til 11 pm on a school night.