January 28th, 2002


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I feel sick. Urgh.
I left my lunch at home; I'll get it later. Cran-Apple-Raspberry slim-fast and diet sprite are the greatest inventions of mankind,
Alwyn, if you don't quit reading over my shoulder, I swear to god I'll rip out your spine. Capiche?
as I was saying. Greatest inventions of mankind in all of history or some such. Damn classmates made me lose my train of thought.
I didn't kill everyone when I got to school and was surrounded by people. I'm proud of me.
My nails are still whores.
I forgot my clarinet. I don't know whether to tell Mr. Warren I feel ill and go lie down (I really am queasy; I wouldn't even have to fake it) or just tell him it's in the shop. Leaning towards in the shop; I hate lying down when it's only mild nausea. Just seems to make it worse. Maybe he'll give me mindless filing or some such to distract me.
I have the flying monkey music stuck in my head.
doo-doo-doo-doo doo doo, doo-doo-doo-doo doo doo DOOOOOOO...
... now it's beyond nausea to actually hurting. Dammit. My shoulders are both sore and I have no idea why. Hrm.
Greg is amazed at his prowess because he managed to draw something with a mouse. *rolls eyes*
as soon as I get some semblance of creative drive back I'll whoop his ass in the field of mouse-drawings.
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Scanned in that picture I mentioned earlier on the school's crappy scanners. 'twas a huge file; I had to reduce it to somewhere around 10% of it's original size to get it within an acceptable range for DA. Yeah. marvel at the artistic equivalent of my mental state for the past few weeks. Hug me and fucking die, bitches. *whistles cheerfully*
Oh yeah...Have you met Bob yet?
No... I don't know what sort of drugs I was on when I made that last one. Inane Multi-media projects lead to strange things.
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click to take it!

You sometimes doubt yourself - who you are and what you can do. You're a curious person, with questions and concerns about the world. You go along with the crowd and aim to please others to your best ability. But when you finally discover what you're really capable of, you can do some serious ass kickin'! You're fast and furious, and you will always stick up for what you believe, and those who you care for. Not only that, but you're charming and charismatic, so you get along with people well, and others often look up to you.

... not sure if I should be confused or what. Eh.

ugh. Went to Pappy's with Nicole and Tish. Ate fries. Fries. Icky icky.
So went home, walked for an hour on the treadmill (cannot run. *points to chest* causes pain to do so. to quote ravensmother: "There is no bra manufactured by HUMANS that will keep my boobs from trying to escape their earthly confines when I jump."). I feel a bit better. My knee hurts, though. Don't think it ever entirely got over that one time I hurt it, which is weird because that was about a month or so ago. e_O hrm.

In a much better mood, overall. You might notice I'm hiding on AIM (I think Michael and Rachel - who is never, ever on - are the only ones who know this screenname. And Hirsch as well, though I bet he forgot). I'd like to avoid total misanthropy for at least a few more days. And that would require at least distancing myself from people a bit.
Also began a songpic to "You Make Me Feel Like A Whore", which has become the latest addition to my List Of Theme Songs. (again, Michael.. um. Please don't feel bad? ehe...yeah.)

... e_O
This just keeps getting more and more interesting... *snicker*

*slaps computer*

it's twitching. the screen hiccups and squinches for a second, then goes back to normal.
Just long enough to be annoying, prevent me from drawing with the mouse, and for at least half an hour, convince me that I had finally lost it. e_e;

Are you a Bitter Hermit?

I am a marvel of science. None has ever been discovered like me before, and for that, The Bitter Hermits are grateful. They will be taking membership requests later in the year. Cost is $1,000,000 per year membership and 3 years indentured slavery to each current member. I think it's more than worth it!

Chance I would leave my home voluntarily: ?
Chance I would leave my computer voluntarily: ?

ooooookay. *hides*