January 31st, 2002


"The colours red, blue and green are real. The colour yellow is a mystical experience shared by everybody"

Someday I will learn how to shut up.


I think I'll go to the anime club meeting tomorrow. If the annoying girls that bugged the hell out of everyone last week show up, I will no doubt scar them for life, for Hell hath no fury like Jenni.
If not, I shall hide in the corner and draw, as is my custom.

So Tish, if you want a ride, you'll have to come to the club meeting.

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My eyes burn.
Didn't sleep more than two hours or so last night. I kept waking up.
I'm shaky. And dizzy. Damn, but that's annoying. Eh. At least I seem to have no trouble driving.
Greg is presenting at the moment. Dreamweaver extensions and whatnot.
I need to learn javascript. Dreamweaver is useful, yes, but for some reason it irritates the hell out of me and always has. I prefer writing out the source code on my own.
There's supposed to be a cold front coming in today. I eagerly await once more not being able to feel my fingers after a few moments outside. No, that's not sarcasm. I actually love cold weather. For starters it means people stop looking at me funny for my normal 2+ layers of clothing that I wear year-round. I love my jackets. I don't care if they're large enough for me to fit another person in there and I don't care that they hide whatever body shape I might have and I really don't care that they're just ugly; they're comfortable and warm and safe. If nothing else, they are my security jackets. I can hide in them. I can tuck my arms inside the sleeves and my fingers will (eventually) warm up. I can sit and wrap myself in a fuzzy, if somewhat threadbare coccoon.

Oh. Progress reports. Passing everything, but in danger of failing Webmastering. Joy. Hrm. Maybe I'll work on those missing pages real quick. That should bring my grade up enough. At this rate, the only final I'll take will be Networking, since senior exemptions do not apply to Cisco curriculum.

Hrm. I think I'll scan in that crappy drawing of Jael. 's better than nothing.
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Hrm. uploaded the menugif files to my jenni_the_odd geocities account. Will use Fireworks at school to make the blasted menu. Bah.
Need to learn javascript rollover code. Really, I do.

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Wonderful. I cannot use Photoshop on this computer anymore; whenever I try to open something, it freezes my computer and it has to be restarted. Crap.
Which means, also, there went the first draft of my Hamlet essay. I hate you, computer.
Now to re-write my rant.

It is Tish's birthday today. Since she has already done her celebrating at an earlier time and is currently dealing with crap concerning her father, I assumed she did not want a big deal made out of it. I did manage to locate some cash to buy her some coffee.

Anime club today. Tish seemed to be enjoyed by all. Arora and I (mostly I) harassed John to no end. I am such a whore. Perhaps it's the nails. I'll scratch off the paint tonight. Or, perhaps I am just a whore by my very nature. Huzzah. On a very strange side note, I realized Emily's nails were the exact same shade of whorish red. That disturbs me for reasons I cannot put into words.

And now it seems I can no longer load web pages on the first try. Thank you, Concentric, for making my computer your little bitch. And computer - I fucking hate you. No, I don't particularly feel like hitting 'refresh' five times until you decide to pull whatever's in the Internet files cache out of your little mechanical ass.

Oh, and I almost forgot.
The further adventures of Bob.
... people's habit of flooding the DA anime section with fifty pieces of art at a time is starting to get on my nerves a bit. Or perhaps I'm just jealous that I can't produce like that anymore. Eh. At least a few of them are good artists.
I have yet to lift my pencil to work a single bit on ML. At this rate it will die a slow and undignified death at the merciless hands of apathy.

My eyes still burn. I slept until cramps went away. About three hours. I'm not sleepy anymore. So I guess I'll find other ways to amuse myself.
Hrm. I want to go walk. But I've been getting dizzy far too often lately. (I almost fell over when I got up to leave the band hall today. Rgh.) So I'm not sure it's the best of ideas.
Ow. Stupid knee. All right, I'm going to go lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for the next few hours. Maybe talk to myself a bit; yes, that sounds interesting enough.
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