February 2nd, 2002


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astounding. After half an hour of trying, cursing, freezing, disconnecting, reconnecting, trying, and more cursing, I managed to at least upload some sorry-ass explanation as to why ML has not updated and will be unable to do so until about the 17th.
Oh yes.
The computer store's resident AI (Nicole said the voice sounded mechanical) called to say repairs would take longer than expected - apparently something needed to be ordered.

Poo all over their faces.
At least they're fixing my precious.

And I lost three pounds. woop.
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I needed to get out of my house for a bit today.
So I drove around.
I saw Julie as I was stuck in traffic on Westheimer - cars were going so slow we had time to actually chat a bit. It turns out that there's going to be another art show tonight, like there was over the summer. A little smaller and such - apparently Marc and his friend who owns the warehouse learned how to do it right from last time - but it sounds interesting.
I am actually feeling moderately social tonight. (this is a rare thing. Usually any social time is used up during the day/at school) I want to go.
But get this:
Most mothers of 17 year-old girls would rather hang themselves than have their daughter run around the warehouse district of town at all hours of the night with an 18 year-old boy.
Mine won't let me go unless the 18 year-old boy goes. e.O
So if Michael doesn't feel like going, I stay home. Hrm. I hope he wants to go. I won't tell him I have to stay home if he says 'no', don't want to pressure him. But I would like to talk to him anyway. Hrm.

In Other News: My mood swings.
Dear lord. In the space of a few hours, I go from:
- Hating myself and everyone else in the world
- hating everyone else, but almost able to tolerate self
- able to deal with everyone else, absolutely loathing self
- not fucking caring one way or the other about anything
- being stuck in between any of the above and being absolutely confused in the head.

During any of these I can at least act chipper for up to and including several hours straight. At times when I don't hate other humans, I'm apparently fairly decent company. Sometimes.
No wonder I get on people's nerves. Hm.
Part of it's just not ignoring those sort of thoughts anymore. My mind has almost always worked like this, I've just kept quiet about it. I stopped. This was probably not a good thing.
Another part is I'm on my period and I always go a little crazy. So. Yeah.

blech. Had to eat dinner with the family. Urgh. Spinach, tomato, and a little pasta. And a lot of water. *glug glug glug*
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asking Michael if he would like to attend the art show depends entirely on whether or not I can reach him.
His phone line's been busy for almost an hour.

I need to put Emma to bed.

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Emma is asleep.
Michael's phone line is still busy.

Hrm. Figures. One night out of the week where I actually want to be around people...
Fate mocks me. It really does. It sits on its ass, points and laughs, I tell you.
Part of it is I want to see all my old co-workers. I loved my job, if for no other reason than the people I worked with. Makenzie (yeh. I don't even remember if I named Mak before or after meeting her. I like to think Mak was named after her because she's just that damn cool) and Gino won't be there, but Marc and Jennifer and Julie and Miguel and Efren will. I miss them so. I want to be around artists again. I miss the company of creative people. Having one or two friends who are creative is nice, but there is absolutely nothing that can compare with being surrounded by people who simply think on a different plane than most of the disturbingly rude, ignorant, worthless little bastards of high schoolers I see daily.
And part of it is that I just want to see him. I rarely get to, and it's almost never outside of school. Like I said, fate mocks me.
Now it's a race to whichever happens first - my social mood running out or Michael's phone line freeing up.
Even then he probably won't want to go. Eh.

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I am slightly worried about Tish and her friends.
They were supposed to go to the movie with my sister, her boyfriend, and someone else.
But they apparently did not see each other; Tish called me a while back to make sure they were even there at all. So they missed the movie.
Hopefully Tish & Co. went to see another movie.

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brokenintexas: ever notice an uncomfortable silence? Cause i think we just hit one...
Jenni the Odd: they're all over the place. I love silence. It's quite comfy. Squishy, in a way.
brokenintexas: So are pillows.
brokenintexas: But i hate pillows.
Jenni the Odd: hm
brokenintexas: ::contemplates:: Though, i do like wet sand... and that's all kinds of squishy.
Jenni the Odd: hmmmmm
brokenintexas: .... or playdoh?
Jenni the Odd: yesh
brokenintexas: Bread?
Jenni the Odd: not so much
brokenintexas: Well... it's soft... anyway...
Jenni the Odd: I like Michael. But he's not entirely squishy. Parts of him are hard.
... that sounds wrong. I meant that he's not... all...
Damn. There's no way to make that sound not-wrong, is there?
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I give up.
If he gets online before 10:30 or so I might ask him then. But he probably won't want to go.

Oh well.
There might be another art show before I leave for college (assuming UT and/or A&M doesn't laugh my application right out of the admissions office, which would mean to U of H go I...). Hrm. It's been six months or so since the last one..
well then, maybe there won't be another one before I leave for college.
Oh well.

And I want it known that I hate phones. I do.
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this is sad. I'm too cold to sleep.
Too cold to sleep. I literally woke myself up because I was shivering so violently.

*sits there and shivers*

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Michael just fell offline (more evidence that fate mocks me - he disappeared at the exact instant I finally said something)
I am shaking incredibly hard from the cold.
I can either go make myself some apple cider (80 calories... rrgh)...
Or I can go walk (knee hurts. *whine, bitch*)...
Or I can go upstairs, huddle under a pile of blankets, and wait about an hour and a half for what little body heat I produce to finally warm me and then maybe go to sleep.
Option three is looking good. Nothing better to do, at least.