February 3rd, 2002


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Mom is making us go to Sunday school today. Different teacher (everyone hates our youth minister, except my brother, who appears to have been brainwashed or something by him. Figures. He finally starts picking up on some morals and values and who's it from? A total ass.) but still, church.
Oh well. I'll only be living at home for a maximum of four to five more months or so. I can put up with it 'till then.

Must write Hamlet paper today. Meh.
Nicole's going to some sort of superbowl thing. I didn't even realize today was Superbowl Sunday. Out of it much?

And apparently I lost a pound and a half more than I thought I did. e.O
Hehe. This shirt used to be too tight. Now it's very much too large. I like that.

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Wee! I took the Shounen
or Shoujo test
, created by peacefulchaos

I'm a Wind Spiriti

I'm loving the faery pictures used in this quiz's results.

I have to write my Hamlet essay.
Which means I have to keep my stupid-ass, easily-distracted self on topic for about two pages (or four, double-spaced) worth of Shakespearean babble.
Tish is here. She is feeding. Soon Nicoles friend will be here to work on a project.
I am cold. Very much so. *shivers*
But I do nothing until I finish essay.
... Well, wonderful. One of the most aggravating things about this little room is the fact that I do not like people being around me most of the time, and they are constantly walking past, which makes me jump and automatically trying to hide whatever windows I have open. (I do not want to explain Boy Meets Boy or any other comic, nor my Livejournal, Deviantart, Elfwood, or Fitday accounts to my mother. Nor do I want to let her see my artwork if I am using Photoshop. There is a reason I have not let her see roughly 95% of it for the past few years. She is quite religious. I... am.. not. At the very least, not by her standards. As I only have to be in this house a few more months; I would much prefer to avoid any major conflicts during that time.) I can hear you all now.. "So stop looking at all that pr0n, Jenni!". Silence, monkeys. I know you're thinking it.
But yeah. 's making me jumpy. I close doors, but I can still see and hear the people. *hiss*

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Okay. Got myself some hot chocolate. Mmm, lunch.
I love my little mug. It's got a lot of little green birds on it, with one in the center wearing a giant, brightly colored sombrero. It says : "Juan in a million".
this amuses me greatly and has done so since I was very small.
Now, to sit down and write the damned essay (I've got the outline mostly finished. Just need to actually fill in all the stuff).
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... Nicole appears to have stolen my stripey socks.
Damn you, Nicole. Nyah.

I would like to rant about something: Tights.
I have seen some of the coolest, most incredibly nifty tights in existence on several websites. But one thing stops me purchasing:
The height/weight thing.
No matter how much weight I lose, these tights simply will not work.
They are most often made for people approximately 5'8'' or so. Their inseam would be about 28''-30'' or thereabouts. Their feet are anywhere from a size 5 to a size 8 or 9, most likely.
I am 5'11''. My inseam is 33''-35''. I have size 13 feet. (Well, 12 or 13 in mens, depending on the style of the shoe. This is why I dislike buying shoes)
*grumble, bitch, moan*
I want tights. Poo.
I shall purchase opaque black tights and paint a chinese dragon on them or something equally ridiculous.
Then I shall steal my sister's skirts, since they fit me and I can. Stockings are great, but I move around way too much and they never stay put. (I wiggle and fidget a LOT).
I want stripey tights. But this ain't gonna happen anytime soon, I suppose.

Mike sent me this. Classic. Who remembers when MTV actually had music?

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Much as I hate quoting Keanu Reeves..
Just got very very dizzy and everything got really black and fuzzy.
That's never good.
I think I'll just sit here for a while. And think about Hamlet. And stuff. Yeah.
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This essay is kicking my ass.
Doesn't help that I am a sucky writer.
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Hrm. Pointy ears.

I feel worthless. How many hours on this essay, now? It's still kicking my ass. Almost done, but my ass is going to be black and blue.
I suck.