February 4th, 2002


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Supposedly. e_e

I was that annoying kid who finished their work so early even the teacher didn't know what to do with me.
The other kids made bets on how fast I'd finish and how many I'd get wrong.
It's mostly gone now (I be stupid) but resurfaced somewhat with my last English test.
I finished a good half hour before everyone else. And got a 95. Most of the class made in the 75-85 range.
Of course this is the exception, not the rule. Like I said. I stupid. @_@
Or something.

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My modem sounds ill.
LOOK, you, I'm not getting my precious computer back for quite a while; you are NOT allowed to die on me, okay? OKAY?

That's what I thought.

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grr. I despise the default Mac fonts. Must wait until I get to Career Center to download some nifty ones to use on webpages.
Hid behind the chalkboard this morning in the band hall. I like that spot. No one bothered me. (Well, Alan came over to say hi, but he doesn't bug me)
I am exceedingly tired. After rehearsal today (solo and ensamble sucks ass. I want it known that it sucks ass.) I will go home and pass out. Hopefully. Probably not.

Must... obtain... scanner... access.... Grah.
Which means I gotta wait until the bell rings so I can steal the computer with the scanner. I'm tempted to ask the girl who sits there if she wants to trade. How I miss having a scanner...
Hrm. All I got to scan is that older picture of Kaen I did a wekk or two ago. Drawn nothing lately. Suck.

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I am so bored, it HURTS.
It is causing me actual physical pain to sit here knowing that in a minute, I will have to repeat this inane ant assignment FOR THE THIRD TIME.
I think I'll just draw Bob. Eating the ant. Yes. That will be much better. She can fail me if she likes, but if nothing else it will demonstrate that I can use Flash better than most of the class.
She won't let me scan.
Grrr. Grrr.
Maybe I can use the scanner at Career Center, if it's properly hooked up (I only trust my Networking class so far...)
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This is the first time that I can remember that the clock on this computer is displaying the right time without me having to mess with it. My god, it's even got the right date.

Rggh. Someone in here went to Burger King for lunch. Tasty burger-smell is all over the place.
I crave FLESH!
Bad Jenni.
Hamburgers are full of fat and calories and I don't need either. >_<
Maybe I'll have that cran-grape juice (Yes, john... the sex juice) that I didn't have for lunch. Eh.
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Goth's Don't Wear Red

As a response to something someone said here... that "goths don't wear red".
I had to be contrary. Because I can.

That's me having a conversation with her fiancee down at the bottom.
girlie is colored pencils for skin, all else is pen. Me an' the green-haired guy are colored in Photoshop.
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