February 12th, 2002



Having gone so long without being able to update ML..
I'd almost forgotten that I had a comic.
Not the story itself, not the characters - the day I forget them is the day I die.
But the site, the webpage. When I can't get to it to update, after the initial frustration, I tend to forget it exists.
Turns out it does, indeed.
And people linked to me.
Like the chick who does Lean on Me, a very cool comic that I once drew fanart for, but never finished it... Hrm. I should do that. The main story is over, but she kept updating and I didn't pay attention - must go through archives!

Also got linked by a bunch of other people. o.o


- oh yeah... and they spelled 'Makenzie' right. All of them. Which is surprising since, for some reason, many people think there's a 'c' in there somewhere.
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PLEASE reply to this if you see it -
I cannot take you home today, I've got sectionals after school.
I will get you if you don't respond, but you'll have to basically sit around our band hall for an hour or so.

Have you ever tasted the fabulous flat fruit that grows on the tropical island of Stretch? It's terrifically tangy, chewy, and sweet. The absolute favorite of flat monkeys everywhere.

Yeah. Says my Fruit Leather, which I contemplated eating for lunch but in the end did not consume. So it sits in my pocket. 40 calories less for Jenni, I suppose. Meh. Maybe Tish will want it - I did not get her a sandwich because I thought I would not be picking her up. I'll get her some food before I drop her off at her house later.
Sectionals after school today. Don't wanna. But I gotta. My computer didn't have enough memory left to run IE or Netscape after running Flash for several periods straight in Multi-Media, so there was no way for me to tell Tish. Then my Networking teacher would not shut up (he was reading off the online curriculum, for the love of pigeons. The same curriculum he then released us to the computers to go look at. WHY?) so I suppose she's just going to have to sit around while we squeak like demented beasts during mating season (our clarinet section is... eh... not something to be proud of).

How am I doing? I've been asked that repeatedly (then I learned my lesson and switched to an AIM screen name no one knows because while I am nosy enough to want to know who is online, I do not wish to speak to people).
Physically: fine, I suppose. I'm pretty certain I'm almost at my Valentine's weight goal, if I've not made it already. I shall weigh tomorrow and see. (Michael knows this goal, no one else does. Nyah.) I am very much awake, though my eyes feel constantly irritated, like I've been crying. I hate crying and the like, so this bothers me to no end. (madplanet shares my mind in this post)
Emotionally: I switched that part of my brain off. I feel nothing. Life is much, much easier that way. I think I prefer it.
Mentally: Same as always. (dumb as a brick, but at least I'm aware enough to realize it)
Artistically: The block is still there in that I can't seem to really draw anything, but at least the creative drive has (partially) returned.
Socially: people suck. Mainly people my age. Hanging around the common male in my networking class makes me appreciate neonid all the more. How I love him and his oft-disturbing intelligence and maturity. How thankful I am that he is not 'normal'.
Because then I would have to shoot him.

Get the gun, we're going Stupid Hunting. *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM*

Well, that sectional was possibly the most useless event I've attended in my life. Almost. I think any and all dances and social gatherings win out, but it's pretty high up there.
I played nothing more than what I've always played, and learned nothing.
Emily was angered when Mr. Warren announced that the sectional time has been changed to 4:15, since she has a lesson. He told her to move the lesson. She insisted that she couldn't and finally stormed out saying something about quitting band (she was already in a horrible mood because the metronome gives her migraines).
During marching season, extremely loud noise and bright lights gave me headaches that occasionally caused me to black out.
My solution? Don't stand near the drums, and squint. The headaches rarely got that bad and almost never interfered with me being capable of performing necessary tasks. So I stuck it out.
Emily is one of the (physically) weakest persons I have ever encountered. The problem this time is that the metronome triggers her migraines, as does the sound of the band in general, apparently. I do not know how the hell she manages to play the piccolo (which gives me headaches like none other) without qualm, but cannot tolerate the metronome, but there you go.
Her solution? Complain, sit there suffering and hating the band director.
My solution?
Quit band.
It is not a matter of 'you are annoying, go away', nor 'you are dragging the rest of us down because you are not capable of handling it'. It is simply 'you are causing yourself physical harm and making the situation more miserable with every passing day. These migraines and other illnesses have already caused you to lose or almost lose credit for other courses, and the wisest choice at this time would be to do everything in your power to eradicate the causes of the distress. That does not mean complain when the director turns on the metronome and insist that he turn it so low no one can hear it. This means going to the counselor and asking for a schedule change. Michael's mother is our grade-level counselor and I am quite certain she will be more than willing to get you out of band once you explain the circumstances.'
The entire situation is adding far too much stress to her life as well as the lives of those around her who are concerned for her health and well-being (namely Liz and I, as the majority of people I have encountered seem to either be totally indifferent or dislike Emily with a passion).

There are days when I think that if a gun-toting lunatic suddenly showed up at our school and started mowing down students, I would not really be able to bring myself to be angered with him/her. It's probably not true, but right about now I hate humankind as a whole. I am very irritated.
The following people need to be shot. Not necessarily killed. Just shot.
- People who rev their engines so loudly that it hurts my ears even when the windows are rolled up.
- People who turn their music up so high that even though I cannot see their car, my windows rattle.
- People who flit from relationship to relationship on a near-daily basis while insisting they are taking the concepts of love and sex 'seriously' and/or that they are 'just having fun'.
- People who refuse to acknowledge that anyone is capable of liking or should be allowed to enjoy anything other than what they like, be it music, clothing, whatever.
- People with no respect for authority figures of any sort, be it teachers, police, or some other person in charge.
- People who believe that, at all times, they are thoroughly entertaining and need to be making some sort of display of noise and motion to make certain everyone is aware of the fact.
- People who try so hard to fit in with a particular stereotype (be it punk, goth, whatever) that they forget what it was that they originally enjoyed and how they felt that first drew them in with that particular crowd.
- People who do fake-suicide attempts in order to none-too-discreetly 'show off' their scars and obtain attention.
- Me

*places gun against temple*
*pulls trigger*
There. That's better.
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