February 13th, 2002


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This comic is almost enough to make me wish I'd gone in for the whole 'girlfriends/slumber parties/socialization' thing. Almost.
I was always friends with the geeky boys no one else would hang out with. I think the closest female friend I ever had was another girl who was picked on constantly - after all my guy friends moved away or fell in with other social circles, we were nearly inseparable for all of one or two years before I switched schools.
She called me, once, the year after I switched. Sounded like she was doing fine, she'd made new friends and everything. We hadn't hung out constantly or anything, so it's not like our separation was the end of the world.
At the new school I met two girls (Rachel and Kara, who were also new that year - fourth grade) and we became a sort of Three Musketeers group. And like every adolescent novel with three female characters in the main roles, there was some tension over who was really who's 'best friend'. I was usually second. *shrug* nothing new there.
I remember Michael and Rachel absolutely could not get along in fourth grade, when we all were in the same class. We all shared a table at some point; I sat next to Michael and Kara sat next to Rachel and we had to constantly prevent any contact between them.

Heh. Even back then I had a crush on Michael. Sad, no? I just don't give up... *rolls eyes* For the love of god, somebody shoot me before this lasts into college...

... please?

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Well, apparently my Bob movie takes up too much memory. So none of you shall see it just yet.
I do, however, have for your viewing enjoyment This quickie of Bob and this five-minute job, most of which was taken up by drawing the damned fishy. (I think you shall have to download it until I figure out how the hell to put it on a webpage. I will figure it out, eventually... really... honest..)

I got about fifteen minutes worth of sleep last night. woot-hah.
What does this mean to you folk?
Nothing at all. This means only that I will be dead later.

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Behold, Bob.

My mom talked to the doctor - lady to whom I was apprenticed for a while. I miss working with/for her. ._.
But she would like to have me come back (I'm fairly certain it's mostly because I have some of her books - interesting reading, those sewing/costume books are). The dress I started on with her will have to be put on hold for a while, though - my measurements have changed since I began cutting the muslin for it (about four inches in the waist, three in the hips, and two in the bust. Damn this Cleavage of Doom), and it'd probably be best to wait until I'm at a weight I'm more likely to remain at. Makes sense.
So instead, will work on a corset - type thing, which (since they are made to be somewhat confining and therefore smaller than the person actually wearing them) should fit for a while even with the weight weirdness. HuzZAH.
But yes. I shall do that, since most places aren't hiring 'til March anyway. Works for me.

I am trying to determine where in the hell the air vent is in this room - I sit at a different computer first period and I am fine. I sit here and I freeze. Hrm. One of the great mysteries, this Magical Hidden Air Vent.

Food, food, food. Or something.

My car has bags 'o food for Tish.
Now, Tish, I know you won't see this for a bit, but I was wondering what sort of fruits 'n such you enjoy. o.o I never know what to get. And I know you aren't getting proper fruit and veggie goodness. Nor meat, but meat is a bit more difficult for me to get to you. I need to steal an igloo-cooler thing from our garage and keep it in my car, I really do...
Randalls and I think Whole Foods has sushi. I shall look into that. Maybe start getting you stuff besides just a generic sandwich for lunch every now and then. Mmm, sushi. Yeah.
I saw my English teacher at Randalls during lunch when I went to look for Tish-food. That was odd.

... Strange.
Somewhere along the line, It would appear I pretty much became a vegetarian. How in hell did that happen....? e.O

In other news, I am about .75 lbs from my Valentine's weight goal. Given how much I stuffed mah face over the weekend, this is an achievement. Go me.
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I miss having a computer that can play music. (something is terribly wrong with mine, as it will not put out any sound whatsoever. Wah)
I could never listen to my music during the day or when my sister was in the room (she HATES my music and I am beginning to think I should have beaten her as a small child or done something to establish some sort of dominance, since she always gets her way in terms of music. I'm surprised I've held onto my "NO CONCERTS" convictions for this long), but at least most of the time at night I could. Well, when my relatives weren't in town. And if Gabriel was asleep. So really it was more like half an hour every week or so, but still. Nyah. I miss it.
I heard half of this song on the radio... not sure who it was, but it sounded like Alanis Morisette. All I can remember of the lyrics are as follows (the chorus):

Now flash forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
I have honored your request for silence
And you have washed your hands clean of this

Okay, searched. It IS Alanis Morisette.
The instant I get to a computer that can play music AND lacks this cursed firewall that I've got at school, I will download the song. It's "Hands Clean".
... And when I get my precious back, I WILL manage to sneak it into the AudioGalaxy queue, even if I have to delete the 50-odd songs Nicole's always got lined up. EVERY LAST ONE. *hiss* She can survive without every last fucking emo/punk/ska song on the planet. I'm starting to get really sick of listening to pretty much nothing but what she likes. And I swear one of these days I will hide that cursed CD case of hers and make her listen to my Celine Dion, my Mariah Carey, my FIN.K.L., my Utada Hikaru, my Savage Garden as many times as I have been forced to listen to her Saves the Day, her Dashboard Confessional, her Get-Up Kids, her Alkaline Trio, her Weezer, and all the other bands who have maybe one song I sort of like, though I wind up having memorized every single song they've ever played.
(Her musical snobbery and complete lack of tact/respect for the tastes of others is really starting to wear on my nerves. Can you tell?)

I blame Kelsey...

but I crave sushi.
Damn you, Kelsey, and your pictures of tasty sushi scattered all over my 'friends' page...


In other news, took Tish to assorted stores and bought her food. Enough that I should be able to put together some semblance of a lunch for her and at least give her a snack and some ramen or soup or something for dinner for a week or two. (we decided the best method would me to get the food to her on a daily basis; since if it's at her house someone will consume it)
So yeah. All sorts of good. Got her crackers, some fruit goodness, and basically anything else that will keep in a pantry. Tried to get more nutritional stuff (I can get her McDonalds and such every now and then but living off of mostly fast food is.. yick. that is all I can say about it.)
So yeah.
got her some sushi from Randalls (the Whole Foods nearest us did not have it. I shall try at Seekers another time, since it's about as close as Randalls and sells mainly natural and organic stuff. Who knows, might be tastier) which Tish enjoyed muchly, It sits now in our fridge and she will have some tomorrow for lunch as well. Since it is more than likely not a good idea to try to keep it longer than that, tomorrow I am going to have some and see if I can also get anyone in my family to consume what's left, and next time she wants it I'll obtain it.
Valentines. Yeep. Must obtain card for mother. (present is stashed in my room - I think. Oh dear lord, I hope I didn't just think I got her a present when really I didn't. GRAH.) I shall check later, and if I did not get her something, I shall go on a quick shopping trip during lunch tomorrow. I am a good shopper when it comes to presents for my mother, and it shouldn't take longer than half an hour, since I know where to look.

As far as the romantic aspect of Valentine's Day, including any and all romantic prospects goes... eh...
I'm trying really hard not to think about it.
Really, really hard.

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So. Any takers?

According to this, I am worth exactly $1,571,018.00
Average female's worth is $1,684,453.00

Discounted broad over here... currently going for $113,435.00 under the normal rate...

Always knew I wasn't worth as much as everyone else. This proves it. HAH.
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Oh, and one more thing:

the sushi was a mistake. I hadn't eaten anything in over 24 hours. Sushi + empty stomach + exercise = slightly ill Jenni. Hrm.
If I still don't feel well tomorrow, I will make every effort to convince my mother I need to stay home from school. (yes, I hate Valentine's Day THAT MUCH. I am quite willing to miss a day rather than spend my time surrounded by happy girls with boyfriends - and most of the girls I speak to during the day have steady boyfriends. Rgh. It will also allow me to avoid having to see Michael, which would be painful for me and probably nothing but an irritation to him.) Only downside would be not being able to get Tish her food.

I am going to go lie down. If I absolutely cannot sleep and get back online tonight, I will be on a screen name no one knows.
Adios, muchachos.