February 16th, 2002


Hrm. Brief run-through of today's events:

Today was my sister's boyfriend's birthday party.
This was the plan:
- kidnap David at approximately 7:00 AM, w/handcuffs and blindfold.
- drive him around a while to utterly confuse him.
- go to 59 Diner at approximately 8:00 AM, remove blindfold, take him into the restaurant, and eat with a few friends
- have him back at his house by 10:00 AM for some sort of lesson.

These were the problems:
- David is a light sleeper
- David does not take well to handcuffs, nor to being blindfolded and kidnapped
- Nicole invited several people and told them to invite several people and just bring who they wished... meaning she had no idea of who would show up.
- 59 Diner is rather surprisingly crowded in the mornings
- Michael and I, who both attended... are not 'people' persons in the mornings.
- I wound up sitting next to Eric. The boy dies.
- Michael, afraid I would do serious damage to myself or others, took away my knife, leaving me to attack Eric with only a fork.
- Nicole and her friends are LOUD. Very, very LOUD

I feel sorry for the poor waitress. We left a pretty big tip, but still. Never doing that again.
Well, actually, I might kidnap Michael sometime (because he sleeps like the dead and will be a lot less likely to wake up before we get the blindfold and handcuffs on 'im), but I will make sure that involves no more than four people, total. Four quiet people.

Came home, slept for almost six hours, and now I think I'm going to go somewhere and try to get some work done. Maybe Starbucks or Deidrichs. Or somewhere.

In other news, I whine too much. Art, antisocialness, etc. Bitch, bitch, bitch, that's all I do. From now on, bitchy entries will either be protected, private, or carved into my flesh. At the very least, cut-tagged and with the comment feature removed. Henceforth, only happy entries, or entries lacking any and all emotional tone (i.e., basic statement of events)
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Ye Olde Update. Or Something.

Comics/art:As always, got nothing done. With luck, by the grace of Bob, I shall refashion all the thumbnail sketches for ML (I really hate how this set ends and I want it to be over with so we can get into character development a bit. Mmm, plot) tonight, and possibly draw them. If I can get into a drawing groove, odds are I can put out sketches for a dozen pages if I'm left to my own devices. I am still debating whether or not to redo the site design, as I really don't like not having the base PSD files to work from. Maybe later.

People: Ah... happiness is being able to talk to myself in an empty, silent car. It is. Yeah. I'm weird. Talking to myself is soothing and much less stressful than actually communicating with a human being to me. *shrug*

School: Need to read the first four chapters of Frankenstein. It's been years since I read that book. Shouldn't take long. Also, Tish, due to the weird schedule because of TAAS, I will not have career center - which means I won't be anywhere in the area to pick you up, nor give you food on Tues, Wed, and Thurs. I will give you some money so you can get something on your own if you want, but that's about it. -_____-;

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W007-H4H, 848Y!

Finally got the speakers to work.
Jenni's method of dealing with computers (ie, fiddling a little bit with everything until you get it to do what you want) seems to work mighty well. :]=
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