February 17th, 2002


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Mbpdaisygrl1: how are things in your life? everything ginger peachy i hope?
Jenni the Odd: eh
Mbpdaisygrl1: not so ginger peachy?
Jenni the Odd: My hard drive crashed and I lost 4 years worth of my soul. Other than that, I'm lovely.
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On one hand, I feel bad.
On the other, I really don't like people. To say 'no, I love your company' would be a lie. I don't really enjoy anyone's company (no, not even Michael's). People make me uneasy. And I don't enjoy lying anyway.

And suddenly I once more find myself thoroughly annoyed by the existence of humans...

People: Tish is here. Which means I will accomplish nothing. I can barely work with family around; the thought of a human not related to me in my house kicks into action all the impulses to somehow entertain them and make them comfortable. Lately I have managed to, for the most part, ignore these impulses, but it is still incredibly difficult for me to concentrate with anyone around. At this point, if I was trying to work, I'd even tell Michael to go away. Perhaps I shall work on thumbnails or whatnot later.

Art/Comics: Got a little sketchbook to replace my current thumbnail sketchy-thing, which is falling apart and well on it's way to total disintegration. Also rummaged through an assload of ancient floppy disks I had, and it turns out they are from back when the scanner was hooked up to the computer across the house - so I now have a decent amount of my really old artwork. All very low-quality JPGs (ah, Microsoft PAINt), but still, it's something. Slowly and meticulously going through all old geocities accounts in search of images. I hope to do some drawing tonight once everyone is asleep. On that same topic, I have been very seriously considering going so far as to restart Makenzie's Locker. I probably won't. But I have thought about it. I hate how slow it's going. My writing abilities are ass right about now. And they were worse when I wrote out ML. So.

Physical: My back and shoulders ache. This is most likely due to the fact that I have taken to curling up into myself whenever possible. At breakfast on Saturday, I was hunched over in my seat, trying to be as small as possible for most of the time. I have spent much of the past few nights curled up in the fetal position on the edge of the couch or my bed when not on the computer, where I also tend to tuck myself into a rather long-legged ball while waiting for pages to load and whatnot. After constantly losing weight for so long, let it be said that plateaus suck ass. I demand that the scale move. DEMAND, I say. Situps tonight. Weights tonight. I believe I will feel a bit less worthless if I can just start losing again. Yes. A bit.

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Well. Now I have to get used to using a tablet again. (no, it is NOT like using a pen. It is quite different and takes a bit of getting used to) It is not helping that my hands are extraordinarily shaky at the moment. Hrm. I shall try to mess with it later.
Came up with a simple new page design that should work out fine. I shall attempt to implement it soon.
I think I'll write out the ML scripts in Notepad. I will then translate them to thumbnail sketches. And from there I shall draw the individual panels as per usual. Works for me.

At the moment, I am indulging my font/winAMP skin addictions. I lost several hundred fonts and skins, and I miss my collections quite a bit. I love interesting fonts; I use them in pictures. And I just love collecting them. I'm strange like that. I also need to decide on a new font to use in ML, since the one I was using is no longer available (Blambot.com no longer has Blambot Custom. Poo. Was a good font.)
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