February 20th, 2002


I should be shot!

Jenni the Odd (12:51:41 AM): *BANG!*
NeonSeraphim (12:51:52 AM): And the purpose of that?
Jenni the Odd (12:52:16 AM): *POW!*
Jenni the Odd (12:54:02 AM): *KA-PWIIINNNG!*
Jenni the Odd (12:54:29 AM): ... oh, let me guess... that makes sense to no one but me...
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*CRASH!* [sound of the big plastic shield that allows the sound from the French Horns to reflect back with the sound of the rest of the band falls over]
*all students turn and look*
*shouting commences*
someone: Who did it?
Emily: What was THAT?
Me: I blame Eric!
Someone #2: It was Jesus!
Me: I still blame Eric!
*Emily, Liz and I exit the band hall*
Emily: Riiight. Band people. Let's see, we can either pick it up, or argue about who did it. And what do we do?
All: Argue!
Me; What's WRONG with you? Of course that's what we're gonna do. Bitch about it until it fixes itself.
Liz: *snicker*
Me: It's the American way... Either that, or sue someone.
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Well. That does it.

I am learning how to make Winamp skins. There is a horrible deficiency of skins in the following categories:

The Crow (all right... there are a few. But they suck ass through straws)
Vampire Hunter D
Strangers in Paradise
I Feel Sick
Invader Zim
S�n (You pussinboots-fans KNOW you want one)

Figures. Creativity strikes not in the form of comic, but in the form of Winamp skins. Oh well. I'll take what I can get.
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Sort of.
For the first time, I drew a picture of Karen's face that I like. It looks like she's supposed to. She's finally prettier than Makenzie, as was originally intended. Thus far in the posted pages, she looks like some sort of little troll and Mak is way too cute. I want to stop that - Makenzie is NOT supposed to be cute or pretty.
I was going to use a picture of Michael as a reference of sorts for Jared before I realized that he looks quite stoned or at least very goofy in every photo of him that Nicole has... So I suppose that's out.
Karen's face wound up looking something like Brittany Spears. And Momo from Peach Girl. And that chick from Love Hina (someday I will remember her name. Naru? I dunno. Began with an 'N', I think).



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And in color...

Karen's neck looks too small because my hand slipped. Still not used to using a tablet again.
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