February 22nd, 2002


This assignment makes me look fat!

- Quote from Steven

Every time I begin to regain the tiniest shred of respect for Emily, I make the mistake of listening to what comes out of her mouth, which never fails to leave me thinking less of her than I did to start with. *sigh*

Hrm. Yes. Bitto was cranky. We had an hour-long homeroom today, and I stole his book (Helter Skelter, about Charles Manson and his grisly, horrible doings). Good book. But I got further in that hour (132 pages) than he did all day yesterday (109 pages). Apparently, there was once a reason for my being in honors classes, which now remains only in my reading speed.

Tish - Got you some food, including some stuff for you to snack on tomorrow and whatnot since I highly doubt I'm going to be available for the majority of this weekend. Nicole somehow roped me into taking her somewhere tonight, and with Claudina's chemo and such I'm not sure how often I absolutely have to be home to baby-sit. I'm really not even supposed to give rides after school today, so could I pick you up by Blockbuster and just take you home before going back to MHS? That looks like the only way I can get you the sammich and whatnot (looks like it'll be a warm sammich from Einstein Bros, since I gotta go by there anyway.)

I am so very cold. Last period all the guys insisted on keeping the air on 'high'. Now I sit beneath that mysical hidden Air Vent of Ininite Torture. I cannot feel my fingers...

Nicole took the watch back. Poo. I feel naked without a watch. *whimper* but my mom might be able to get a new battery for it while I'm at school, which would be wonderful. If not, I'll try to do that sometime this weekend. I hope.

Yup. I failed Networking. With a 49. Ouch. But that might actually be brought back up to passing once I point out that I actually did the missing Major Project, I just didn't put it in the proper folder (I iz stoopid). If not, I shall grovel and make webpages shamelssly.
Did a helluva lot better than I thought I did on that Hamlet essay from a month or so ago. 93. Not bad for something written on an entirely superficial level.
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Jenni-stats. Whee.

Physical: Cold and very much so. Nails are blue again. They always turn blue from cold in this class. That is probably not a good thing. Stomach somewhat sore from a few too many sit ups last night. Mrf.
Mental: Go me. Have not had to exert any mental effort whatsoever today. The world is a much nicer place when my brain is turned off.
Emotional: Blah. Just... blah.
Artistic: See above. And now I do not like the drawings I did last night. I am glad I did not scan them. I will draw them without references, and then maybe they will not always look so wrong to me. The different style is going to take a much, much longer time to draw than the older. I will need to get ahead in my updates by at least a month. First come the thumbnails, since it is starting off a bit differently. My little thumbnail notebook should prove infinitely helpful. I also need to revise the site design a bit. Perhaps get rid of the white and blue theme. It should be a bit darker. Maybe black and blue. My favorite colors, those.
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Back from Llama

Let me get one thing out first: I actually like Llama. They make good music and I enjoy it. That's how it works.
I hate loud noise (apparently my 'loud' is Nicole's 'quiet') and I get really bad headaches from it. I hate the smell of smoke (I can tolerate it normally, but in crowded rooms where people are blowing it directly in your face...), I hate people, and I utterly despise being touched every three seconds because those people are never happy with where they are, they want to be somewhere else, and that requires shoving me out of the way to get there.
Every time Nicole makes me take her to a concert I swear I'll never go to another one. And every fucking time I somehow wind up going to another one.
I told her I'd be more than happy to take her to any concert she wanted - but she'd have to walk home from them all.
I hope I won't be going to any more concerts. Ever.
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Tomorrow I turn in all the applications I have stored up. Places that are willing to hire me will then be evaluated on hours I can work (the more the better) and pay rate (ditto, duh).
If all else fails, it's almost certain I can work at TAS again. Which would be nice in that it's familiar, but uncomfortable in that most of that familiarity rested in people I knew and loved who might not be working there any longer. That and I do so little art now. I'd feel out of place.
I also need to check the balance in my checking account. I really hate having less than a certain amount in there at any given time, and I'm especially wary about it when I have no real income. But I would so like to purchase stripey tights. I would. I shall probably do that with the spending portion of my first paycheck. And there will be much... um.. stripeyness. I guess. I dunno. Yeah.
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