February 23rd, 2002


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There is a wedding tonight down the street. One of the neighbors has a son in college (I think - never met them, so not sure) and I assume he's getting married. The house is all done up nicely, the decorations are lovely. There are cars everywhere.

I doubt I'd ever marry. I can stand so few people for such a short amount of time that I doubt it would work.
Unless Michael were to want to marry me. And he doesn't'. So. *shrug*
I'll be one 'o them old cat ladies - you know, 70 years old, lives in an apartment alone with about 50 cats, dresses really weirdly...

What would you lot like to have at your wedding? Would you have any 'weird' sort of ceremony or just a quiet little affair?

*shuffles off to play in the kitchen under the pretense of cooking something*
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Ye Olde Daily Updates

Physical: Full. My soup was tasty and good. And 54 calories per serving. Mmmm, spicy soupy goodness. Also feeling awake; just did some sit ups. Will do more later.
Mental: Again with the lack of brain usage. I'm hoping to work on ML a bit tonight, so I may yet have to think. Poo.
Emotional: What are these... emotions you speak of? I know them not.
Artistic: I have to work on ML. I would like to get some sketches of the characters done (a) for a filler page as I half-ass my way through explaining what I'm doing and (b) to get a better feel for them.
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