February 28th, 2002


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Physical: Queasy. Not certain if this is just anxiety or taking medicine on an empty stomach.
Mental: Blah.
Emotional: ... Don't talk to me.
Artistic: Goddamnit, I fucking give up.
Misc: I couldn't call at nine. School phones are utterly useless and drove me nuts. Drove anyone trying to help me nuts, too. I will call as soon as I get to my car. Damn it.
And I lost my pencil somewhere. My one pencil. (I have a tendency to 'adopt' inexpensive inanimate objects and keep them for ridiculously long periods of time. I am particularly attatched to my pencils). Eh. Not like I draw anyway. Don't really need it anymore, I guess.
This is frustrating me beyond all belief. I waited 'til today because the lady who does the interviews wasn't there otherwise, and now I might miss her again. Damn it! Stupid high school. Ruins everything. I should have just taken English 4 over the summer and graduated early. I really should have.
But add that frustration to the 'I-want-to-draw-but-haven't-been-able-to-for-weeks-now' frustration and I swear to god the next person who annoys me is going to die. I will wring their fucking neck. I will twist my hands until I feel their windpipe crushed beneath my fingers and I hear that satisfying 'snap' that means their spine has finally given way and they are gone. Then I will shake them and tear the flesh from their neck... Well, maybe not. But definitely the strangling.
Ow. My back and neck are stiff as boards.
I am that tense.
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Also got rid of the pervert crew, so I will haul ass out of the parking lot after school.
Tish, you need to be as ready as possible when I stop by to pick you up. I've got food for you, what would actually be easiest is to pick you up at Blockbuster and drop you at home right away (You can keep the thermos and whatnot and just give it to me tomorrow - or bring ramen for lunch if you like. Don't care. Eeek).
Interview is at 4:30.

Yeah, I already did it once today. So sue me. Things changed.

Physical: Still a little queasy. Mostly just nerves. Actually ate a little something at lunch. So nyah. I forgot to refill my water bottle when I went home, though. Poo.
Emotional: I am nervous. I always get nervous at interviews (though, if Academic Decathlon is any indication, I am actually very good at them). I am thankful that under my jacket I am dressed fairly nicely. I am quite anxious and worried about getting there on time - I have to pick up Tish, and since she didn't see my post, that might take a bit. If my sister is not out there when I get to the school, I will leave her. I will call my mom and explain. But I will leave her. She is perfectly capable of walking home, and if I am late to the interview, they will never hire me.
Mental: More nerves. More wondering. What hours will they let me work? (I'm hoping for at least 25 or so a week). Will I get paid $7.50 or will it be less? Will the other people working there be nice and tolerate my bumbling for the first week or so while I get my bearings? Will they even hire me at all? *sigh* I was like this before the Texas Art interview, too. Both of them. Mrf. (there were two interviews for some reason. No one has ever been able to tell me why)
Artistic: I'm going to pretend this category does not exist.
Misc: Blah. Stress. Stress-stress-stress.
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