March 4th, 2002


Now for the Morning Ramblings...

Lovely. I have to make a website in Flash.
read: Teacher taught us nothing, handed out packets on how to do motion tweening (which the majority of us could have figured out on our own anyway) and so now we teach ourselves how to make websites. This should be interesting. The design for my site is very, very simple. Good. I don't particularly feel like actually doing anything connected with design or art at the moment.

I am cold despite my layers of baggy clothing and tired, as always. As Whole Foods has not yet called, Tish, I will be able to pick you up. What hospital is Zach in? Maybe I can join you in the visiting sometime.
Damn. Wish I were 18. Then could set up a cafepress and paypal account. Use them to collect money for the Tish's Car Fund. As is, I might try to get my parents to help out with that... They have been talking about me getting a credit card and once/if that happens, I will set up the accounts.

In Random News, I rather want a straightjacket. Hrm. Not sure why.
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I am very, very tired. The kind of tired where moving makes you ache and your eyes feel itchy from staying open longer than they want to.
But if I go to sleep when I get home I'll have to hear my mom ranting about how I don't eat enough and I don't get enough sleep because I'm staying up too late on the computer. So I will stay up. I'm starting to be sorry I cut caffeine out of my diet, the cold water I've been drinking is NOT keeping me awake. Doesn't help that there has been no mental stimulation in my life for weeks now. For all practical purposes, I might as well be dead at the moment.
I will call Whole Foods today. I need that job. Discount or no (I don't need to shop there) $7 an hour is still good money. Now if only I could convince my mother to let me work through church. Personally I think forcing a fairly mature young adult to attend services they do not derive any insight or meaning from can be far more damaging to whatever spirituality they have than allowing them to choose their own path. Unfortunately, my mother is quite set on me attending church and I cannot think of a way to say "Organized religion annoys me" without being disowned. Drat.

A cousin in Peru wrote me wanting to know if she could come to my graduation party.
My response: "Wait... party?" *pause* "Wait... Graduation?"
Now that it seems probable that I will indeed get out of high school by the assigned time, my mom has begun bugging me about invitations and whatnot. I told her I intended to be working that day. Damned if I care. So I get out of high school. Whoopee. I'm done. I don't want to drag my fat ass back to the god-forsaken hellhole of a school that was my home for four years to receive a scrap of paper commemorating that. I want to be elsewhere. She can make me go to the ceremony, but she can't make me celebrate it in any way. Hah.
At least she's not bothered asking about my senior prom. She knows better than to even hope I'd go. Smart woman.
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Oh yeah. Updates and crap.

Job: I call tomorrow at lunch. That they did not call back annoys me greatly.
Physical: I not only did not sleep, I walked for an hour. Take that, mom. You and your salmon, too. (uh... don't ask)
Mental: I crave intelligent conversation. But I have absolutely nothing to talk about. So I hide. I would spend my time LJ-hopping, but Livejournal and my Internet connection (ah, the joys infinite pointy pain, of a pissy 56k dial-up connection...) do not get along. I cannot tell if LJ is crapping out or if Concentric is. It's very aggravating when your connection is so slow and spotty that you might as well not be connected at all.
Emotional: I am detached. I think if I can stay that way, I will not sink into whiny-angsty mode. Which I appear to have been in for the past few months or so. Year. Whatever. Oh yeah. I miss Michael, but that's really nothing new, now is it?
Artistic: Songpic sketches. Meh. No, I will not upload. Don't like them that much. Maybe it's that detachment I mentioned above. It's as though I'm watching someone else draw. It's odd and I dislike it greatly. Also, my tablet feels weird. It's not just that I haven't used it in so long, it's that... it's as though it's not pressure-sensitive at all anymore. I'm trying to remember if there was some software with it that would have set up something where I could adjust the input levels, because there isn't now. Either that or one of my siblings inadvertently broke it, as is custom around here. (the side button has been pulled off and it took me a month to train Nicole not to pull out the drawing point of the pen and gnaw on it. It was never quite the same after she did that...) And a tablet that is not pressure-sensitive is confusing. I might as well be coloring with a mouse - it's actually easier, since it doesn't do unfamiliar things. I will hunt for the software, but since most pages have this nasty habit of not loading as my connection times out, I doubt it will do much good. Until then, any of you with a Graphire 2 tablet know of some sort of software it possibly came with that would help me out and/or where I could download it?
Misc: I have been mocked by J Grant. This means I should probably shoot myself for being a moron... but I can die happy, I suppose.
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