March 9th, 2002


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Of course. As soon as I get back from picking up Nicole and Tish/dropping off Tish/ getting Nicole McDonalds because she says so and for some reason I cannot disobey her, Michael signs off.


Want Michael.

Yes, I am a small child sometimes. Leave me alone. Pbpbpptptpbp [raspberry noise]

*shuffles feet* I suppose I should go to bed. Have to get up early tomorrow if it does not rain anymore (and I really hope it doesn't).
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Just back from Baseball USA

Job: BUSA is a great place, but they don't have a part-time position I could take. So I will most likely not continue much with that if I can find a steady job.
HOWEVER... They are
(a) decently close to Tish
(b) Really nice people
(c) good with the pay (about $6.25 an hour, same as I made at TAS)
(d) often in need of a random extra person on the weekends.
Therefore, I am thinking it might be good if Tish were to submit an application. A steady job might be hard for her to get until she has a car... but a weekend thing that I can drive her to or that, if necessary, she could walk to, could be very useful. It would not provide the income a 20-hour work week would, but it'd be something.
Physical: I am frozen. My mother insisted that I wear shorts, since she knew I'd be outside most of the day. She neglected to check the weather, and therefore did not know that a cold front would come in around 9:00 AM. I was outside, selling tickets to a softball tournament from 7:30 onward. Around 8:50, It rained. On me. I eventually got under some sort of shelter, though the wind blew the rain right onto me anyway. That lasted about twenty minutes. And then once the rain stopped, the wind really started up. I still cannot feel my toes. I was out there for over six hours in shorts and sandals. But I suppose it could have been worse. *shiver* I am also tired. 4 hours of sleep. I will sleep later. Must apply!
Mental: Filling out applications. Must make self look good and must be hired. Soooooon.
Emotional: mprhrhgmpggmmph.
Creative: Not now. Shoo. Will work on ML after I get all these turned in to assorted places.
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