March 21st, 2002


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Job: *sigh* Will try to find employment by this weekend. I need a job so very badly.
Physical: Very awake. A little shaky. Very cold. The usual. Head hurts.
Clothes: Black jeans (they're too big...), corset, baggy blue shirt (fear my Cleavage of Doom), handcuff key on chain, watch, sandals. Hair is in a bun. I might let it down later.
Emotional: I worry. About a lot of things.
Mental: I have a headache and do not wish to think at the moment.
Creative: Drew two sketches. One includes one of the best self-portraits I've done to date (except as always, I made myself look too cute) and the other is of a nice crazy person in a straightjacket. Maybe I will scan them if I stop being lazy. But until I can locate the driver for my tablet, it is essentially useless. *sigh* I will email the wacom people and see if there is any way for me to get new software...
Misc: Tish - anime club?
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Look. aimeekitty found this...

Little bitch stole art. Some of it I recognize from Elfwood, done by the girl who used to have the gallery before Michael's (it's gone now; most of it was fanart or non-fantasy, or perhaps she just decided to leave). The name does not sound familiar - the real artist's name is Elaine Fair (manga and an example of her style is here), not Stephanie Lu.

Anyone good enough with computers to hack this person's site and lock them out... hehehehe...
Jack? (wonder if he even knows this page is here)

VERY few things piss me off as much as art thieves. Unless she actually IS the artist (and I really, really doubt that), I probably would not mind seeing her suffer a great deal. *hiss*

'Nother update.

Job: Meh. Didn't get home from dropping people off until about 5:45. I'll look this weekend. *sigh*
Physical: I feel sick. Part is PMS and part is other reasons. My head throbs painfully and my stomach is tying itself in knots. My arm also hurts again.
Mental: Found the driver for my tablet, so I no longer want to shoot myself in the head quite so badly for losing it in the first place. Trying to locate some program that will allow me to download music. Gnucleus was so very slow and my connection was too shitty. Audiogalaxy worked well before, but spyware and hidden programs disturb me.
Emotional: Shit. I think that about sums it up nicely, yes. I feel like shit. As I believe I've mentioned, one of the most annoying feelings in the world is simultaneously needing/wanting a hug and feeling that if anyone tries to touch you, you will slaughter them instantly. It is very frustrating. I am removing the comments feature because I don't want sympathy or "awww *virtual-hug*"s. If someone tried pulling that shit in real life I would probably physically hurt them. I want to be left alone, preferably for a very long time. I am sick of humanity again. I need - and want, I suppose a little - to talk to Greg, but he has vanished and does not seem to want to be online to speak with me. Damn it, Greg. I both want and do not want to talk to Michael; I want to talk to him simply because I always do, and I do not even want to try because I know neither of us will say anything, we will just sit there and for the most part ignore each other until one of us falls offline.
Artistic: Oh fuck it. Makenzie's Locker is dead. It is not coming back. We all need to accept this and move on. I don't fucking draw anymore; not anything that I could post as any semblance of a story or comic. I don't write anymore. I haven't had a scene run through my head in months, I haven't been able to hold a conversation with the characters like I used to in an equally long time. For all practical purposes, Jenni is dead and has taken her comics with her. I will email the Keenspace people to ask them to delete the account so it no longer takes up space that an actual artist could use.
Misc: Drew, I have your goddamned Lain CDs here. I have put them in my bag. Harass me tomorrow or something.
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