March 26th, 2002



Physical: I still feel somewhat ill. Queasy. And I am mildly dehydrated since I normally have drunk 3/4 a liter of water by this point in the day, but I have forgotten my water bottle. Arrgh. Last night I crashed; slept from roughly 4:30 PM- 6:30 AM. Since I normally only require four hours of sleep to function, this leads me to believe that I was/am actually ill and not just imagining it. Or I am very tired. One of the two. Probably the latter. I was awoken at some late hour when I normally would have been going to bed by some marvelous thunder/lightning. I get a fantastic view of storms since my room (a) is the upstairs of our house, and (b) has windows on all sides. This means that a really big flash of lightning will make everything in my room brighter than when I have all the lights on (particularly since none of them work anymore... note to self, replace light bulbs) I was too tired to enjoy the storm, however, and promptly went back to sleep.
Clothing: Cold front came through last night with the terrific thunderstorm. Black lacy tank top, men's khaki pants, Big Black Jacket that keeps sliding off my shoulders, sandals, handcuff key necklace. Hair is up in a bun. I might put it down later for extra warmth. I am cold. Brrrr.
Emotional: Mrf. Mrf, I say. (someday I will post a sound file of how that is said, without any vowels. It is a sound I really make. Right up there with "pfft", "brrt" and "rrnnk")
Mental: I have successfully avoided coherent thought today. Go me.
Creative: *obscene hand gestures*
Social: New category. Woo. This may eventually replace the 'creative' category, who knows...
Was actually invited to go somewhere with John and Drew and Greg. Blade 2. Hrm. I dunno. We're supposed to go after school. Dunno if I really want to be around people that badly. I do have some other crap I should be doing. Like my senior research paper. Hrm. Felt weird to be included in the 'who' when one of 'em said "Who wants to go see Blade 2 tomorrow?" I am not used to that.
I have also taken up insisting that I am not going on the band trip once again. Nicole says she will make me. My mother says she will make me. I say I will cling stubbornly to home, thankyouverymuch. I have no desire whatsoever to spend any more time with the people in band than I already do. I had seen more of the freshman class of this year than I cared to by mid-August; at this point they are starting to look like excellent opportunities for target practice. The people closer to my own age... eh... the only ones who would probably even remotely consider spending time with me are Michael (which is actually not likely at all, come to think of it...) and Emily/Liz/Elizabeth, who seem to be one unit and annoy the living hell out of me. Bathing suits are not my friends (nobody wants to see that. Trust me on this...), which means that the beach is pretty much out. Besides, I intend to have a job by the time the trip rolls around, and I will be working weekends. As much as humanly possible. So yeah. No Corpus Christi trip for Jenni, thanks. I will remain in Houston. My mother is leaving town that weekend as well, and I am sure my father will be thrilled to have someone around to help him care for my youngest sister and my brother in her absence.
Misc: ... I had to.
The kitty loaf shall
invade Livejournal!
Long Live Kitty Loaf!

by driftingfocus

Hehe. I rather want a shirt, too. Damn my lack of a PayPal account. And lack of a job. That too. Curses.

Happy Birthday, wobblygoblin. Did I mention I love your website? I do. Long live JtHM.
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This is for Greg... since he signed off the exact second I hit 'enter'...

And I have the conversation, with timestamp, saved to prove it.

After you guys left, I wandered around Edwards for an hour or two. Sat down and drew. I actually drew shit. And shit it was, mark my words... but after weeks and weeks of not creating anything even this crap looked good.
I drew people. Characters. Characters I'd never seen or heard of before; they were new to me. They just appeared in my head and demanded to be drawn and dear GOD that was such a wonderful feeling because that hadn't happened in over a year. I was beginning to think it never would again.
One of the characters reminds me somewhat of you. He has roughly the same build as you. So, I figured, might as well claim your height and weight as his. Or roughly so. So I asked. That's all.

That's all you got, Greg? Warning me? Fucking warning me?
Boy, if you're going to threaten me, you damned well better make a fucking attempt on my life. Don't give me this lame-ass 'ooooh, I warned you!' shit. Don't even fucking bother. You can come after me with a knife, you can plant a bomb in my car, you can put a fucking bullet through my skull and you know what? I will stand there and let you. But warning me? Fuck, that's just sad.
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