March 27th, 2002


Ye Olde Daily Update. Yeah.

Physical: I went to bed at 4 am and woke up at 6:30 (while still managing to accomplish not a thing in the way of homework. I must be magical.). I should crash and burn in a few days if I keep this up. Hrm. Meh. I am cold as all hell. Brrrrrrrrr.
Clothes: Black tank top, black button-down shirt, black boots, short black skirt I stole from my mother (she is NOT getting it back. I like it), black-n-white stripey tights, handcuff key necklace. Hair is up in a bun. Viva los stripey tights.
Mental: Successfully avoided coherent thought all through English, with Alan's help. He's a very silly person.
Emotional: Bring on the bee suit. I feel nothing.
Creative: I drew some crap yesterday, as mentioned in a post below. Meh. I drew Mr. Warren (band director) in a pretty dress, tiara, heels, opera-length gloves, and a wand, with the labels: "We love you, Princess" "He's so pretty!" and "See him sparkle!" on one of the two main Band hall chalkboards... 'zat count for anything? I think it should.
Social: Saw Blade 2 yesterday with... *thinks* John, Greg, Drew, Preston, and Josh. Yeah. Remembered names. Sat next to John, no doubt thoroughly annoyed him by commenting all through the movie. I do that. Yeh. I at least do it fairly quietly... 'Twas a good movie, my only problem was the usual 'it's-a-vampire-flick-so-deal-with-it' cheesiness, which I secretly love... and the fact that it looked like the people in charge had seen The Matrix a few too many times. But vampires are good. Mmmm, vampires.
Was probably enough to convince the guys not to drag me along next time, though. I tend to be pretty obnoxious in social situations. *shrug* was entertaining. No one could give me a ride, so I hung out at Edwards after they left for a few hours 'til my dad dropped by to pick me up. Went to Hot Topic because they had stripey tights and I finally had to break down and get a pair from them since I can't order stuff online (No credit card + slightly paranoid parents = great annoyance to my somewhat eccentric tastes in clothing...). Also read through a collection of Lenore and Gloom Cookie comics... add those to the List Of Comics To Collect Obsessively. I am SO afraid to even go near Pheonix or Bedrock comics with any amount of cash on me. I can be so weak when it comes to the marvelous comiccy goodness. Once I get a job, there is a percent of my budget stashed away for the sole purpose of supporting my comic habit. It's sad...
Misc: Remember how I said my Multi-Media teacher gave out the exact same thing I did in Webmastering a month ago? I resaved the file so that it looked like it had been done recently, and uploaded 'em all. I am free until someone needs help. Then once I tell them what to do, I am free again until this assignment is over. Woot-hah.
Snail Power!Mammals may be cute and
fuzzy, but snails need love too.

Quizzes: I think I had some last night, but then I got irritated with Greg and annoyed with the world (I... hate... PMS... it... makes... me... bitchy...) and closed the windows. No matter. Collapse )
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Been a long time since I was social enough to attract someone desperate enough to hit on me online.
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(no subject)

Greg blocked me on AIM.
Well then.
No more sex for him...

Asking me to explain my mood will more than likely result in your brain breaking. Don't even try...
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Things of Note
  • This song frightens and disturbs me on SO MANY LEVELS.
  • I put too much cayenne pepper in my soup. *pant*
  • I'm not even sure it counts as soup... it's celery in chicken broth...
  • SOMEONE *eyes mom* tossed out my Wonderful Green Bottle which has been my companion for the past two weeks. It will be greatly missed. At least until I can purchase a new Wonderful Green Bottle for $0.89 next time I go to Central Market. Wonderful Green Bottle earned its title for being 1 liter, Green, and having a 'sports top'. Yeah.
  • The Muppets rock my pants. I have done puppeteering with two different churches and it is fun. Would probably be more so without the whole 'religious' thing. It's really one of the most entertaining things I've ever done. Great since I love to act/sing/be expressive on stage, but am not attractive enough to actually be an actress. That, and my arm strength is to be feared. Grrr.
  • Emma was watching Muppet Classic Theater (hence the mention of Muppets)... now I have this strange, strange image of Greg as Rumplestiltskin, John as the Miller, Tish as his Daughter, and Drew as the King.... *smacks self* Even though Greg would probably make a really disturbingly good Rumplestiltskin... *snicker*
  • *downloads Fiona Apple songs like there is no tomorrow and adds her to the list of Artists Whose CDs Need To Be Purchased When I Get A Job And Have Some Free Cash*
  • I am wearing Nicole's pants. They fit. They are even a bit big. But they are too short. Damn my legs. Damn them, I say.
  • Drew and I have died, and while I am decomposing quietly, like a good little corpse, he seems to be attracting a lot of necropheliacs and flies. Mostly flies. And cats....
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    (no subject)

    Reason why wogs rocks my pants, #2973 1/8:

    I stole them from my brother.
    Gabriel: *walks in* Check out my gloves!
    Jenni: OOOOH! OOOOOH! Lemme see! Can I see? Lemme see! Can I try 'em?
    Gabriel: o.0;; yeah... *removes gloves, forks 'em over*
    Jenni: *puts them on* COOOOOL! *excitable twitching laughter*
    Gabriel: o.O;;
    Jenni: Can I borrow them? Can I wear them to school tomorrow? Please? huh? Can I? Please?
    Gabriel: Uh, sure...
    Jenni: *asks about five more times because she is a monkey*
    Gabriel: *just does his dances for Emmett, who we are thoroughly frightening*

    I gots gloves. I enjoy them thoroughly. THOROUGHLY, I SAY.
    They are cool and bulky but allow my fingers freedom to type. I am wearing them now. Hope Gabe doesn't want 'em back for a while... Gloves are right up there with fishnet, lace, and stripeys on the Lists of Jenni's Eccentric Fashion Favorites. Mmmm, gloves.
    The only way they could possibly be any better is if they had buckles. But the cool plastic thingies will do. Oh yes... Nyahahhaha.
    *sticks plastic knives in the plastic thingies and pretends to be Wolverine* Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
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    Been a while since I posted song lyrics. But I can't stop listening to this song...

    Don't you tell me to deny it
    I've done wrong and I want to
    Suffer for my sins
    I've come to you 'cause I need
    Guidance to be true
    And I just don't know where I can begin
    What I need is a good defense
    'Cause I'm feelin' like a criminal
    And I need to be redeemed
    To the one I've sinned against
    Because he's all I ever knew of love

    Heaven help me for the way I am
    Save me from these evil deeds
    Before I get them done
    I know tomorrow brings the consequence
    At hand
    But I keep livin' this day like
    The next will never come

    Oh help me but don't tell me
    To deny it
    I've got to cleanse myself
    Of all these lies till I'm good
    Enough for him
    I've got a lot to lose and I'm
    Bettin' high
    So I'm beggin' you before it ends
    Just tell me where to begin
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