March 31st, 2002



I would like to recommend something:
NEVER drop chocolate and caffeine from your diet for three months..
then go three days without eating pretty much anything..
And then consume caffeine and chocolate.


I shall not sleep for weeks. @_@
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I am 77% worshipable! And you? Find out!

Well, no wonder. I mean, my sister is Jesus. (really. Just ask Her)

These little chocolate eggs will be the death of me. Not the big Cadbury's creme eggs (oh god no. Those are too rich, anyway.) These are little tiny solid chocolate eggs.
They are destroying me. Blah.
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Physical: Blech. Ate lunch. Full. Of veggies, mostly. *puffs out cheeks*
Clothing: Viva Easter. Nicole has risen. Or something. Near-translucent pale greenish flowery skirt and a green tank top/ light blue shirt combination I dredged out of my mother's closet. None of these items were designed to go together, but they all match perfectly. My Abuelita's jade and silver bracelet, handcuff key necklace, brown sandals that annoy me so I rarely wear them. Hair is up in a bun.
Mental: Pondering some stuff discussed with Michael last night. Hrm. And some stuff Zach said. I just might be. Who knows.
Emotional: Damn it Michael, and I was doing such a good job of pretending you didn't exist... *grumbles* Wait... I IM-ed YOU... Well. Hrm. Damn me.
Creative:... I might have an idea. I'm scared of it. I'm scared it will get away and then I really will die. And Greg, IM me or something when/if you ever wander your way back to Houston and a computer, because I need to discuss something with you.
Social: I am not in a social mood. Tish is here and I fear I will ignore her or snap or something and I do not want to do that. My mother's side of the family (the non-Peruvian half of my ancestors) will be invading our house for Easter Dinner. I am afraid. We have been cooking and cleaning for two days now. I see little change, but somehow it works out. Just so long as no one feels the need to go into my room...
Misc: Okay, I've given up. Diet starts tomorrow, dangnabbit. No one feed me. You hear me? None of you! I will feed myself selectively. Attempts to feed me will result on my gnawing on you instead. You got that, Nicole?
Quote 'O the Day:
[Nicole sleeps on the couch]
Jenni: Awww... she's such an angel when she's sleeping.
Gabriel: Yup.
Gabriel: Well, let's hose her down.
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Tish is chasing Gabriel about the house as he babbles, whapping him with measuring tape, yelling: "Shut up! Shut up!"
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You have no idea how many times I've been asked this...

One of these days....

And what's this nonsense I hear about Disney firing all their 2D artists and going completely 3D in a year or two? What the holy flying arsefuck?
I happen to prefer 2D animation. I cannot determine why. But I MUCH prefer it.
*clings desperately to her ancient animation*
No likee. Boo, hiss, Disney. Boo, Hiss, I say.
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And Tish witnesses firsthand a rather moderate form of the usual dinner party madness at the Bravo household. I say moderate because we cooked everything last night, so there was practically no hassle. Everything went smooth. Poor thing did get stuck with the dishes, though. Mreep.
*hides from the food* All so fattening. Cursed holidays and their cursed food.
Happy Easter to those who bother to celebrate it, and I hope those who didn't had a pretty damn good day watching the goons that do.
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More lovely personality disorder tests...

Ooooh! *squealies* What will it be this time?

Borderline:Very High
Avoidant:Very High
Dependent:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

hehe. Every time it's something different. Different mood every time. But I always tend to get 'very high' or 'high for Borderline, Avoidant, and Dependent. This is the first time I've ever gotten 'high' for Histrionic, though. Hrm.