April 1st, 2002


This is funnier if you know Chad...

Olrox: why is no one else online?
Jenni the Odd: I have no idea
Jenni the Odd: We scared 'em?
Olrox: but Im not scary!!!
Jenni the Odd: Hmmm
Jenni the Odd: Maybe just me.
Olrox: ohoho Michael enters the arena
Jenni the Odd: Get 'im!
Olrox: RAWR!!!
Jenni the Odd: hehehehe

Yeh, it's early yet.

Physical:I woke up two and a half hours ago and I've yet to shower. That's unusual for me. Very much so. I'm gonna go for a walk, then there will be showerage.
Clothing: Right now, men's shorts and an oversized gray shirt. Hair is up in a bun.
Mental: Ooggy-boogey-boo.
Emotional: Will make a lovely post about my combined mental/emotional personality contradictions later. They're interesting reading.
Creative: I might just live again. Time will tell. Ask me nothing; I will reveal when I damn well feel like it.
Social: A friend who used to go to my school called me up... we chatted... we're both in computer networking and both are bored silly by it. Heh. He came out at some point and was rather surprised that I wasn't surprised at all. (Well, he told me he was bi last year... and when he told me that now he was color guard captain, I sort of figured it out. I'm not that stupid, y'know) He thought David S. was gay. *snicker* Laughed my ass off and said no, he's dating my sister... Oh, that's great. Everyone assumes the guys Nicole is with are gay. I love it.
Misc: I have a pretty water bottle. Not as nice as my Wonderful Green Water Bottle, but it's nice. It's rectangular and odd. Heee. Hopefully I will be able to keep this one longer than two weeks. (why yes, I develop attachments to cheap inanimate objects. Like pencils. And water bottles.)
Quote of the day:
BamBam055 (10:33:18 PM): if he had my and also Johns love of P0rn then this human being would single handedly support the tissue industry
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Well, that's not cool at all. had to stop after not even half an hour of walking because a twinge in my back would not go away... it stabs every time I move my arm.
Grr. Stupid body. Cooperate for once, would ya?
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