April 9th, 2002


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Damn it. I should be finishing up with the revising of my Senior Research Paper so I can go to bed so I can wake up in time for the sectionals before school. rgh.
But I'm not. Of course. I will eventually. Really. Honest.

... Damn you, Michael, this song finally downloaded and now I cannot stop listening to it.

I am full of pills. (vitamins, painkillers, antibiotics) The joys of being the daughter of a doctor and a nurse. Half of me is surprised I'm still functioning, the other half is wondering why I'm not bouncing around like I'm on crack. Not sure what this particular combination of encapsulated goodness will do to me, but hopefully I will finish this paper.

I did not even come close to finishing my flash intro for the school site in Webmastering. It is due tomorrow. Meh. Don't care anymore.
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