May 7th, 2002


Need to do:

  • Acquire Employment. No longer matters where, as long as I can pay for car expenses and have some left over for Tish's car fund. I want to work full-time for the two and a half months or so of summer that I will have.
  • Webmastering and Multi-Media assignments. I'd better do them. Passing and not having to take the final would be nice.
  • Relax. I am very tense. Unsure of why. Hrm.
  • Try to draw something. I'm gonna put this off 'til tomorrow, when hopefully my hands will have stopped shaking. Or today. Since it's the AM. Yeesh. Didn't realize it was so late...
  • Socialize, dammit. It will not kill me. Really.
  • Switch off the self-loathing for a while. And quit with the fucking moping. What right do I have to mope? *smack* quit that. Now. Yessir.
  • Sleep. Methinks I'll do that one now...
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    (no subject)

    I do not feel upset. Or sad. or happy. Or angry. Or anything. I feel hollow. Detached. I'm an audience member. I think this is probably better than before. I don't particularly want to do anything (except sleep. For some reason, I am extremely sleepy). I'm unaccustomed to this. But it does allow me to be more objective than usual, whatever good that might do me.

    ... When I first talked to idol_cain he told me his name was Christopher... now it appears to be... Gabe...? uh... wha? *blink* I missed somethin'.
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    (no subject)

    There is more caffeine in my system right now than there has been for the past three months combined.

    Does it mean you're a little weird when reading tales of grotesque and horrible murder (JtHM) cheers you up like no other?

    Hello, the person you've dialed is not here right now. Please leave a message and she will track you down and bludgeon you with a frozen waffle as soon as possible.

    ... mkay, this is why I stopped consuming caffeine in the first place...


    This is Jenni: "..."
    This is Jenni on Pepsi One: "EEEEEHEEEHEEHEEHEEE!" [pause] "..." [pause] "EEEEEHEEEHEEHEEHEEE!"

    ... my eyelid will not stop twitching.
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